Endurance FREE NOW for 1 day only!

ENDURANCE is FREE right now on Amazon for eBook/Kindle. So quick, get onto Amazon right now and download my book Endurance for free. It has 3 5 star ratings on Amazon.co.uk and 4 4 star ratings on Amazon.com.

If you enjoy reading horror, suspense, mystery and science fiction/dystopian then please go onto Amazon and download Endurance whilst you can for FREE.

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The free promotion for Endurance is running for a Facebook event known as creepfest.


Endurance FREE tomorrow for 1 day only. 30th October

My novel Endurance is FREE for one day only starting early AM 30th October and ending late PM the same day.

So check out Endurance on Amazon for eBook/Kindle tomorrow right here:

Endurance is a horror, suspense, mystery and dystopian novel.

FREE 30th October on Amazon
FREE 30th October on Amazon

Endurance REVIEWED

The link below is a link to a blog by historical fiction writer Paula Lofting, who kindly reviewed Endurance and posted the review up on her blog.

Why not go and check out Paula’s blog and read the review and see if you fancy reading Endurance.


T. J. Blake and Endurance feature on Blog


This is the link where myself and my book Endurance featured on Samantha La Fantasie’s Blog and her Feature Friday!

Why not go and check it out and read the first paragraph of Endurance on her page.

Should Self-Published authors be frowned upon? Article by me on Blirt

I wrote an article on Blirt and here is the link below.


It is an article by me expressing my views on self-publishing and giving some advice to fellow self-publishers.

Go have a read and express your opinion.

The Author blurb and The Author Facebook page updated

As you all know, I completed writing The Author and now it is undergoing the editing and proof reading stage.

I thought it was about time to let you all know what it is about. So now I can FINALLY tell you! So here you are, here is The Author blurb below,


Four years after his wife and children disappeared, Ryan Milligan decided it’s time to let go of the past and move to a new home on Mulberry Lane . Ryan hoped his new house and peaceful neighbourhood would help him to cope better with the pain of losing his family and to continue his search. Whilst settling in and writing his new novel, Killing for your love, he realises things aren’t what they seem…

My new house is only a mile away from the home I used to live in with Tan and the kids, but now I feel like I’m in a different world. I can’t help but feel like I’ve been here before and done this before. There’s a presence here, I can feel it.  There are things happening in this house that aren’t normal. I’m threatened by the lack of control I have over them.
There’s one room where I feel it most, and as I stare at the door leading down into the basement, it begins to creak open.


What do you think? Do you like it?
The Author will be available really soon. Definitely by the end of this year but hopefully November 2013.

To keep updated about The Author or to see what I’m up to or to read about my other book Endurance, you can follow me on Twitter @TJBlake93. You can go on Facebook and visit http://www.facebook.com/TheAuthor2013 or http://www.facebook.com/Endurance2013 .

Horror, Suspense and Mystery novel. Coming soon!
Horror, Suspense and Mystery novel. Coming soon!

News about The Author…

Yesterday I sat at home most of the day staring into the light. It blinded me, it began to seep into my brain overtaking my body, forcing me to do things that I didn’t want to do… Well actually I was just staring at the monitor writing The Author but which version of events do you prefer?

My point is here, I was writing most the day and I completed writing The Author! I have written it which was a great feeling, I did it much quicker than I thought I would. Writing around University and my part time job is pretty hard most of the time I had a choice of which of the three to sacrifice but I have finally done. I am now in the editing process and I can say that I aim for it to be completed in November!

Horror, Suspense and Mystery novel. Coming soon!
Horror, Suspense and Mystery novel. Coming soon!

Charity run

Today me my girlfriend and my mum all took part in a 10K run for the British Heart Foundation. It was a huge challenge but we all completed it with a sprint to the finish line in the time of just over an hour.

We really enjoyed the run and I would like to thank the people who sponsored us for today. There is time still to sponsor if you would like to and a link below to our fundraising page.

The three musketeers

Our Sponsor page: http://www.justgiving.com/challenge10k