My ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I have taken part in the latest social media craze ALS ice bucket challenge.

Below is a snap of my donation and me getting soaked. It’s a great cause so feel free to donate!

You don’t have to be nominated to donate.
There are millions taking part in the ice bucket challenges, but the sad part is that they are not donating at all!
To all of you out there who are yet to donate, do it now. If you have done the ice bucket challenge and have donated nothing then shame on you!

Come on everyone. Don’t be stingy, donate now! 🙂



Beware! I decided to wash my hair during my challenge, that’s the white stuff on my head and face in the pictures.

An insight into my novel ‘The Author’

The Author is completely different to my first book Endurance.
Endurance was the kind of book where the ideas came to me quickly. I had many ideas for it and I wanted to make it different, which is why I wrote it in the style of horror with segments of sci-fi and dystopia, and a fast paced narrative.

The Author however is intricate. Creating the plot was like piecing together a puzzle; it has many twists and turns similarly to Endurance, but the story is told in such a different way. The Author is told in the 1st person narrative from the view of the main character (who happens to be ‘The Author’, Ryan Milligan). The Author also takes more time to introduce the characters in more detail and setting the scene early on.
I also thought it would be interesting to tell a story which had another story to tell throughout, called ‘Killing For Your Love’ meaning that it gave me the opportunity to try adding the concept of a book within a book idea.

The Author builds up slowly but once it gets right into the story, that’s when the book becomes dark, twisted and creepy.

I don’t want to reveal any spoilers of the book so I won’t say too much more. But I will leave you with a little teaser (below).

To Keep updated with the release of The Author, please visit it’s official Facebook page at: 

” As I turn to enter, I hear a noise inside. I pause to listen again. Silence. I take the key to the front door from my pocket and slowly insert it and unlock the door. I gently push the door, which creaks the more it opens.
Then I listen; no more sounds are heard. I step inside. The house is so cold… the door under the stairs catches my attention. It’s standing ajar. the door under the stairs catches my attention. It’s standing ajar. It creaks and I stare as I walk slowly towards it. The handle is cool to the touch. I yank open the door… “

Reviews from readers

“Dean Koontz meets Stephen King” – Amazon review

“I liked the mystery of Ryan’s missing wife and children and didn’t expect the twist in the end.” – Amazon review

“Once again, I found myself getting lost in another novel by T.J. Blake. The Author, Blake’s follow up to his debut novel Endurance, is full of twists and turns that will keep the reader on the edge of their seat–or bed, or wherever readers read.” – Amazon review

“I am not going to talk about the story because I feel that to give away too much, even of the smaller details would take a huge amount of enjoyment out of the book as the discovery of how it unfolds is one of the most enjoyable aspects.” – Amazon

“Movie Material!” Free-eBooks

“Best book I’ve ever read!” -Free-eBooks

The Author now available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Waterstones.

The Author

Endurance gets Reviewed!

It is great hearing what your readers think of your books. You get your positive, mediocre and negative reviews. I treat all of them the same, I take on criticism and try to improve on them, but I also take the praise and make sure I pursue it to make it as good next time around. 

This review however is absolutely amazing. I am very honoured to receive such praise. So I thank you to The Cult Den and Gemma for writing this great review. 

Here’s the link to the great review:

Available from Amazon and Waterstones
Available from Amazon and Waterstones
Coming Soon!
Coming Soon!

Working on Endurance: Apocalypse and a New eBook

Endurance: Apocalypse is currently under the editing process. We will work to edit it as quick as we can to make it available for you out there who are waiting to read what will happen next after Endurance! 

Endurance Apocalypse Book cover

You may be aware that I am writing a new book as well as editing. My new book (which will be available as eBook only) is a supernatural horror novel. I am yet to confirm a name for it. I do have one but I am still undecided on that. I have a cover idea and I am well and truly into the thick of the story. So I am hoping to get this new book out there as soon as possible for you all to check out. 

I have never written a book of the supernatural kind. I have decided to take a risk and add my own twist to it, so you can expect an original story with a different outlook and set of rules for my spiritual world  

I have been living a lie. My husband Jack and my two daughters Lucy and Charlie believe that I am dead.” – Character Sarah from the new eBook. Coming Soon!


More Positive Comments – The Author

It’s great to receive positive feedback from that random person wherever they may be in this world. It’s a great feeling to know they read a book that you wrote. That they have entered that world you created. They followed those characters you formed, and most importantly embraced your work and enjoyed it.

My novel ‘The Author’ is currently available for free download from – The site allows users to rate the eBook out of 5 stars and to write a comment. I have gone back to see what people are rating and saying. It is rated 4 out of 5 and I saw three very positive comments. Thank you to whoever you are! 😀 



RIP Robin Williams

So sad to hear the news of Robin Williams.

It is difficult to compensate that a man of his calibre had been fighting depression. I can easily say that no one has made me laugh as much as I have as a child, teen and an adult. Forever a legend!

RIP Robin Williams.

Potential NEW eBook Coming Soon!

Today I have spent a lot of my day writing.

As you may know I finished my first draft of Endurance: Apocalypse a couple of weeks ago. I am now at the stage in which I need to go through it and edit it. This stage is very difficult but it is the stage which makes your book what it is. It can be very tedious and long for authors but it is something we must do as the author.

I am slowly working through it to make it what I want it to be and sound to my readers. However, I have been bugged by all of my other book ideas, which are constantly filling my mind. I sometimes feel my mind is working to quick for me to compensate all these ideas, and so I felt it was time to set Endurance 2 aside for today and to concentrate on another book idea of mine. I am hoping that this would unclog my mind ever so slightly so that I can concentrate solely on these two books.

This book idea is dark, and of a supernatural genre; with an interesting twist.
I cannot give too much away but I can tell you that I plan for it to be original. I have not decided on a name yet but I have written a fair chunk of the book.

This book will be available on eBook only and not paperback because I want to release this as a short story. I’m hoping this will be a short story that you can still relate and bond with the characters as well as the novel capturing your imagination and will make you think about ghostly spirits differently.

I will keep you updated on this title but this is the very early stages of this project.