Another makeover for the blog! 

Hi everyone. 

If you’ve visited my blog in the last couple of days, then you’ll have noticed that the blog now has a complete new look as well as some new pages. 

With a notepad style theme and new pages dedicated to my writing, you’ll have the chance to see my ‘Poem Attempts’, Flash Fiction/Micro Fiction and new short story nightmare

Click the new page names above to see some of my writing – feel free to comment on the pages with your opinions, questions and own writing. 

Enjoy the blog and I look forward to hearing from you! 🙂 

Monday night’s creepy dream!

I turn into the private close and pull up in the layby outside my parent’s home. Switching off the engine and shuffling in my seat toward the house, I see movement at the top window. 

Unplugging my seat belt and unwillingly stepping out into the dingy cold weather, I look back up to the top window and catch the blinds slowly rising, revealing a figure. Turning back to the car I press lock and await the clunk of the car doors before heading toward the house. 

Looking up at the top window I see a face I don’t recognise. A face that  sends a shiver down my spine. A face that looks like a mask. Midstride I freeze and stare back at the bald man. His puffy, grinning and moon crescent shaped grin frightens me. It’s permanent, with a bloody redness to it. 

I run straight through the wide open door, into the sitting room and then toward the stairs.

“Mum, Dad?” I shout. 

Third step up I see him, staring at me, still smiling uncontrollably from the top of the stairs. Reaching out to him I push him against the wall, he doesn’t flinch, he continues to smile. 

“Where are mum and dad?” I hear the fear and shaky intonation in my voice.

He continues staring and keeping his tight smile before eerily telling me “They’re not here.” 

I push him aside and run into my parent’s bedroom, staring to the bed I look away. I can’t look again. But I have to. 

Looking back to the bed I see two mounds under the duvet. 

Dream ended! 

That was my nightmare. It was quite creepy and easily woke me up and had me thinking for a while before settling back down. 

But why on earth did I dream of that happening? Especially with the eery man – extremely creepy! 

Feel free to turn your dream or nightmare into a short story and post it below! 

DECEPTION – A love of lies

#amwriting #DECEPTION ‘A love of lies’ as a #tagline what do you think? #thriller #drama #ComingSoon 
What do you think? Feel free to comment. 

Six word story on Twitter

‘In six words or fewer, write a story about someone you see everyday but never speak to. #amwriting #sixwordstory’

So here’s my story – ‘@WriterlyTweets she gleams amongst the swarm #sixwordstory #amwriting #shortstory’

You give it a go! 

Writing DECEPTION – Tweets

I regularly update my Twitter page whilst writing DECEPTION – I like to post ambiguous tweets about certain parts of the book. 

I thought I’d gather the tweets below for you to read. Can you guess what’s going on in DECEPTION from these posts? 

#amwriting #DECEPTION Billy returns home and something is not quite right. Something is missing. Something he loves has gone.

#amwriting #DECEPTION Billy floats under the freezing cold water, only to see a body floating above him #thriller #nightmare

#amwriting #DECEPTION they walk for approximately 22 minutes. So Billy times it just right to take the bins out #spying #thriller

#amwriting #DECEPTION What is love? Billy speaks about the past and reveals what he does when he sees a couple #thriller

DECEPTION Ch.21 – Billy has finally read the entries

I’ve been working on DECEPTION again this weekend, and now more has been shown to Billy. 

He was in unfamiliar territory when asked to read some entries that he promised he would never read. But because he needed answers, he’s had to go against that. After reading the entries, there are some answers for Billy, but some things are still unclear. 

Billy returns home and something is not quite right. Something is missing. Something he loves has gone.