Did you know you can read DECEPTION free with Kindle Unlimited?

That’s right, if you’re signed up to Kindle Unlimited you can read DECEPTION without paying a penny for it.

What is Kindle Unlimited?

Unlimited Reading. Unlimited Listening. Any Device – that’s what Amazon says.

You will have access to 1 million titles and thousands of audiobooks. At the moment, there is a 2 month deal where you can sign-up for free.

It’s a no brainer really; you might as well join Kindle Unlimited for free… and then read DECEPTION: A Love of Lies by me 😃

Should you follow these steps – sign-up to KU and start reading DECEPTION, put a tweet out and let everyone know… something along the lines of:

Hi everyone, #amreading  DECEPTION by @TJBlake93 FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

It’s been a while but I’ve given ‘Flash! Friday’ a go!

For this weeks Flash! Friday Fiction the aim was to base your story on any two of their four given story elements, I decided to go for conflict – man v nature and setting – an island. The aim is also to keep the word count between 75-125 words.
So below is what I wrote, my short story The Awakening.

The Awakening (111 words)

Awakening from a forced sleep I feel a cooling breeze and an itchy sensation on my face.
Listening to the distant breaking waves I imagine a perfectly shaped glowing pellet. It closes in and expands into a burning planet above me. Spotting the curling flames descend from the orb I watch on as they slither across night sky, generating a portal to the inside of a volcano. The peaceful and unaffected sea water lights up and reflects the fierce and tender bloodshot sky. I feel escalating footsteps numbly thudding around me, and then I remember.

Opening my eyes I stare across the deserted sandy island. They said this day was coming.