Three Free Book Weekend!

The Three Free eBook Weekend!

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I am currently feeling very generous, I have made all three of my books completely free to download from Amazon for your Kindle. If you like mystery thrillers and gory horrors, then you can be sure to like my novels!
So be sure to download your copy tomorrow for free. It is free from tomorrow (Sat 13th June) until midnight Sunday (14th).

So to download Endurance, Endurance: Apocalypse and The Author, click the link below.

Download Endurance –

Download Endurance: Apocalypse –

Download The Author –


Entering a different mind and body 

Today I have been writing. This writing though means that I have to enter into a different kind of mind state to become this character. This mind is unlike myself and any other character of mine. 

It does however make me wonder, is there any person out there who thinks the same as my character, Billy in this story? To be honest I hope not. Although his mind and thought processes are intelligent, imaginative and creative, he is dangerous.

Billy’s an interesting character, and I look forward to see where he takes me! 

A Great Article For Us Self-Published Authors

I came across this article on Forbes which is about a very successful British Self-Published Author Mark Dawson. Mark makes hundreds of thousands a year from his self-published book series.
He explains that it’s mostly about his marketing tactics, and unsurprisingly Facebook being the most effective.

I’ve used Facebook campaigns in the past to advertise specific posts and my Facebook pages, and it is effective, so I would definitely agree with Mark. Only thing that differs between us is that I don’t make as much money as him!

This is a very useful article to read so go and have a look at what Mark Dawson had to say about his success and how he did it.

Interested in Writing? 

If you love writing then this free fantasy writing contest is for you! 

Whatever kind of genre you like to write, you can still take part. Use this competition as an opportunity to experiment with your writing. After all, it may turn out to be the genre that you are truly gifted with writing! 

New Star Wars Trailer Shows Chewbacca and Han Solo!

I am very excited to see the new ‘Star Wars – The Force Awakens’ trailer, but I was even more excited to see Chewbacca with Han Solo! I love Chewbacca, I have a Chewbacca mug for work and I can do an amazing Chewbacca impression!

More to the point, check out the new trailer now –

It will be awesome I’m sure!

New fan across the world!

It’s great when you see sales for your own book, but it is that bit sweeter when it’s from someone across the world!

It’s amazing to think that there is someone from Canada who will be reading my book! Whoever you are, I hope that you enjoy your adrenalin rush of a journey with The Endurance Series!

If you want to begin The Endurance Series today, then please do!

“London is silent. Severed bodies lie amongst the rubble. What once was a lively city is a now a murderous grave, enclosed in smoke and ash. The cause of the destruction is unknown. Left haunted and terrified, survivor Tom Williams confronts the brutal, mutilated streets as he fights to uncover the truth. Could he be the last hope to restore normality?”

Or if you fancy reading a mysterious novel jammed with suspense and weird occurrences, then check out my other book ‘The Author’