About T. J. Blake

T. J. Blake - psychological thriller suspense author

Psychological thriller, mystery & suspense author

Living in Surrey, T. J. Blake by day is a Content Marketing Specialist. By night he could be any one of his mysterious characters!

In August 2020, Blake published a new psychological, paranormal thriller, “Familiar“, which is available to read now on Amazon Kindle – it’s free on Kindle Unlimited!

Keep up to date with his progress by following his blog or any one of his social channels (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook).

T. J. Blake’s books are available from Amazon:

When T. J. Blake released his first book (2013)

T. J. Blake – where it all began

My adventure into writing began back when I was just seven years old. The set up would be in the dining room with me and my brother at the table. He would be drawing wars and dinosaurs whilst I would be writing stories.

Even though I was too young to have a plan for the future, writing was the least likely option for me – being a child that needed speech therapy and extra support with writing and spelling, I was never considered to be a child that might enjoy writing.

My passion for writing lopsided slightly as school life took over, but once I completed my GCSE’s, I was able to show off my flair for writing in College. The A-Level subjects English Language and Film Studies encouraged me to write more and to continue a journey into further education.

T. J. Blake graduating Kingston University

After college, I went to Kingston University to study Creative Writing with English Language & Communications. After three years of intense studying and writing, I was very proud to receive my Bachelor of Arts with Honours Degree.

My Creative Writing studies at Kingston Uni allowed me to fully grasp the concept of writing, plot and entertainment. English Language and Communications allowed me to learn about language itself in both everyday life and in the fictional world.

The prospect of writing to entertain people across the world at first was terrifying, but now it is something I thrive on. Since becoming an indie author using Kindle Direct Publishing, I have written and self-published four novels and a short story; all of which are available on Amazon, Waterstones, WHSmith, Barnes & Noble and many other leading bookstores.

I have many book ideas yet and I will continue to write!

‘Books by T. J. Blake‘ is where you want to go to find out more about my novels.

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