Short Story Nightmare

My terrifying nightmare

This short story is based on my nightmare from years ago.

I decided to turn it into a short story because it seemed so real. It jolted me out of my sleep and even after waking up I was left reeling, believing it had happened.

Let me introduce to you, my short story nightmare. Dun, dun, duuuunnnnnn!

The nightmare

I turn into the private close and pull up in the lay-by outside my parent’s home. My tyre creates a splash on the concrete.

Switching off the engine and shuffling in my seat, I look over at my parent’s house. Oddly, the front door is open. I look down the side of the house at the wheelie bins, expecting to see Dad putting out the rubbish. He isn’t there.

I check the living room window, expecting to see a single shutter flexing, with Mum’s fingers waving to greet me. But she isn’t, the shutters are undisturbed.

Unplugging my seat belt and opening the car door, I unwillingly step out into the wet, chilly air. With the sound of my car door, I check the window again, expecting the door’s slam to prompt Mum to take a peek. She doesn’t.

Strange, says my inside voice.

Movement at the top of my periphery vision catches my attention – the upstairs window, one blind shutter out of place, forming a gap.

Oh, Mum’s upstairs.

The blinds begin to rise gradually.

Turning back to the car, I press lock on the key and await the familiar clunk of the car doors locking, before turning back for the house.

Walking to the house, I look up at the window, expecting to see Mum waving at me with a big smile on her face. There is a smile, but it’s not one I recognise. The stranger’s face sends a shiver down my spine.

I freeze. I don’t know what to do. All I feel is fear.

It’s someone wearing a mask – the moon crescent shaped grin is permanent, with a bloody redness to it. The stranger teases their arm up and slowly waves at me.

I regain control of my body and charge inside. Through the entrance hall, into the sitting room and onto the stairs. I jump over the first step and stumble on the second, falling flat onto my front. The step winds me, stopping me momentarily. Regaining my breath, I clamber up.

“Mum? Dad?” I shout upstairs.

My foot slips again, forcing me onto all fours. I look up, someone’s looming on the landing. It’s him, staring down at me, still smiling uncontrollably from the top of the stairs. I get back onto my feet and skip the final few steps.

I throw my body against him, pushing him against the wall. He doesn’t flinch, he smiles. Chuckling under his breath. I tear his mask off his face. He’s grey, lacking a healthy skin colour.

“Where are my parents?” I hear the fear in the shaky intonation of my voice.

He continues staring, holding a wide smile.

“They’re not here, anymore,” he croaks.

I push him aside and run into my parent’s bedroom. I see the bed, but I turn away just as quickly.


I can’t look again. But I have to.

I turn back to the bed, I see two mounds under the duvet. Smudges of red decorate the room, as if I was in an artist’s studio.

The End

Copyright © T. J. Blake
All rights reserved. 

After that I woke up, can you blame me?

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