Flash Fiction

These are my variety of Flash/Micro Fiction stories. I always aim for my micro stories to be short and snappy (as they should be). Some of them are told in under 100 words whilst others are told in 140 characters.

It’s great fun, so give it a go yourself!

Living a new life unnoticed, journeying undetected. Without a sound, without a voice, without a touch, watch over your loved ones. – 140Story

I’m fascinated by birds. I follow them everywhere, on the streets, in the woods, and in their homes. It’s best at night when they’re alone. – 140Story

I’m forced to come out just twice a day, made to perform and play. 5 minutes gone, off I go, back to my lonesome cave.

The barrel glows with an echoing jar forcing us apart. They close in, I watch from afar, flying lead pierces its path. – 140Story

The Awakening (111 words)

Awakening from a forced sleep I feel a cooling breeze and an itchy sensation on my face.
Listening to the distant breaking waves I imagine a perfectly shaped glowing pellet.
It closes in, expanding into a burning planet above me. Spotting the curling flames descend from the orb I watch on as they slither across the night sky, generating a portal to the innards of a volcano. The peaceful and unaffected sea water lights up and reflects the fierce and tender bloodshot sky. I feel escalating footsteps numbly thudding around me, and then I remember.

Opening my eyes I stare across the deserted sandy island. They said this day was coming. – Flash! Friday Fiction


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All rights reserved.