Illusory Waters

This creative writing entry is dedicated to my short story Illusory Waters (Previously The Metaphorical Truth?) which was submitted as a Flash Fiction story. The piece of writing had to be based on an image provided – which was a Dragon head boat sailing. Comment on the post and feel free to let me know what you think of Illusory Waters

Illusory Waters

I lean over-board, seeing my reflection in the ripples. Ahead of us is a beautiful hexagon shaped piece of blue sky, and moving pieces of fluffy clouds; crawling toward the sun, preparing to smother it. As we bobble in the centre of the lake, we look around to the irregular sizes of land; scattered unevenly.

I stand behind the dragon head, feeling its layered, semi-circular carved scales on the top of its head; under my flat palm.

“It isn’t real you know?” I hear Dad say behind me, containing the laughter within his chest and throat.

“He is.” I sigh.

I continue to stroke him, looking at the land nearest to us on the left. I see a teenage boy and girl holding each other; gazing into each other’s eyes. She wears a white and blue hatchet dress; he’s wearing his knight’s uniform.

He steps away from her on the high land. Her eyes widen; light pink lips part, drawing breath; stepping back. He kneels before her, staring up to her. His mouth moves like a prayer and before he finishes, she grins. Jumping and latching herself onto him, they begin to kiss.

The dragon continues to glide along the water, moving closer to the clusters of land ahead. Focusing on the lands, I see the destruction. The edges crumbling; grass burnt; people fighting. Knights in battle with swords, bows and arrows. A king is hiding behind his knights, but they’re tossed aside; some in the water, some smashing onto rocks off-land. The king begs, his whines echo, until an arrow pierces through him; hitting the left side of my dragon’s neck.

Looking back to the land I notice two bodies floating in the water; a knight’s uniform and a blue and white hatchet dress. I reach for the arrow, gone. Focusing back onto the couple, only to see tangled seaweed bobbing. Staring ahead at the open water, I continue to stroke the dragon’s head. Moving my hand down to the left of its neck, I feel a deep, cracking hole.

I look behind to dad, he’s gone too.

Copyright © 2016 T. J. Blake
All rights reserved.