An insight into The Author

The Author will be available for you all to read real soon!

I’m so excited for it to be released and for you all to read and hopefully enjoy it.
In this post, I’m going to speak a little about The Author – to give you an insight into what kind of book it is and whether you would like to read it. The Author is completely different to my first book Endurance
Endurance was the kind of book where the ideas came to me quickly. I had many ideas for it and I wanted to make it different, which is why I wrote it in the style of horror with segments of sci-fi and dystopia, and a fast paced narrative. 

The Author however is intricate. Creating the plot was like piecing together a puzzle. It has many twists and turns like Endurance but the story is told in such a different way. The Author is told in the 1st person narrative, from the view of the main character (who happens to be ‘The Author’, Ryan Milligan). The Author also takes more time to introduce the characters in more detail and the setting.
I also thought it would be interesting to tell a story which had another story to tell throughout, called ‘Killing For Your Love’ meaning that it gave me the opportunity to try adding the concept of a book within a book idea.

The Author builds up slowly but once it gets right into the story, that’s when the book becomes dark, twisted and creepy. 

I don’t want to reveal any spoilers of the book so I won’t say too much more. But I will leave you with a little teaser (below).

To Keep updated with the release of The Author, please visit it’s official Facebook page at: 

” As I turn to enter, I hear a noise inside. I pause to listen again. Silence. I take the key to the front door from my pocket and slowly insert it and unlock the door. I gently push the door, which creaks the more it opens. 
Then I listen; no more sounds are heard. I step inside. The house is so cold… the door under the stairs catches my attention. It’s standing ajar. the door under the stairs catches my attention. It’s standing ajar. It creaks and I stare as I walk slowly towards it. The handle is cool to the touch. I yank open the door… “

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