WC2014: So close yet so far

Thursday night England were beaten by Uruguay in the World Cup group stage, dashing everyones hopes of qualifying for the next round. We needed two Italy wins to have a chance but Costa Rica knocked us out with a 1-0 win over the Italians.
Hodgson played an England side that were tamed by Italy 2-1 in the first game. This team was then easily dismantled by Suarez, scoring two goals in the game. A wasteful Rooney missed big chances and apart from that there weren’t many chances for England.

Whispers are that the England team to face Costa Rica is a different side, which I believe we needed in the Uruguay match so we will see how they do.

But the point of this blog post is actually for my bet I placed last night. Algeria and USA to win. There were great odds, so I put just £1 on them both to win, with a return of around £80. Of course I was annoyed with the later match… Algeria won 4-2 but USA came so close to upsetting Portugal… in fact they were winning 2-1 before the Portuguese equalised in the 95th minute – Typical, I lost my bet.

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