The End of the World Cup!

Last night was the last match of the World Cup.

We all watched the finalists Germany and Argentina battle it out to win the biggest competition in the world!
The game was close, going beyond the standard ninety minutes, and into extra time, where the winning goal came just seven minutes from Penalties. Mario Gotze scored a great goal to seal the game for Germany.

Although the game was even, Germany deserved the win having been the strongest team in the competition. Their highlight of the competition of course will be beating the hosts 7-1 (which instantly made them favourites).

Overall the game was close, both teams cancelled each other out making it difficult to create too many chances, but when Germany got their biggest chance through Gotze, he made no mistake and put it into the back of the net in style.

So the Germans are the World Champions of football and that signals the end of the World Cup for another four years!

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