Book Deal: Begin The Endurance Series Tomorrow FREE!!

As you may (or may not) know, my third novel Endurance: Apocalypse was released a few days ago.
Of course some of you won’t be buying the book cause you haven’t read the first, right?

Well, if you would like to start the unpredictable, gory and action packed book series then your chance is right here and right now (Well actually tomorrow).
The first book of the series Endurance will be FREE to download from Amazon for you and your Kindle.

The deal will last only Saturday and Sunday so don’t waste time. Set a reminder, spread the word. ENDURANCE will be free to download tomorrow and Sunday, the 29th and 30th of November. I will help remind you.

Take advantage of the deal and enjoy The Endurance Series!

ENDURANCE – FREE tomorrow on Amazon! Click:

“London is silent. Severed bodies lie amongst the rubble. What once was a lively city is a now a murderous grave, enclosed in smoke and ash. The cause of the destruction is unknown. Left haunted and terrified, survivor Tom Williams confronts the brutal, mutilated streets as he fights to uncover the truth. Could he be the last hope to restore normality?”


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