Humanely release the Orca whale known as Tilikum to a seapen for rehab – Watch Blackfish and sign the petition!

I have today finally got around to watching Blackfish, and even though it did make me cry, it opened my narrow, naive and ignorant mind to it all.

I have been to SeaWorld three times. I thought that the Whales were all well looked after and very happy in captivity, I mean a lot of people believe that right? We’re all mistaken. They aren’t happy and are kept in poor conditions. Their lives are miserable. I feel dirty for ever going to SeaWorld, and I certainly won’t be going ever again! 

Whether you have been to SeaWorld or not, you HAVE to watch Blackfish and conduct your own research to learn the harrowing and heartbreaking truths of Tilikum and SeaWorld’s ‘care’ for him. It’s completely shocking and inhumane. SeaWorld should be ashamed of themselves. I hope that they get shut down, and Tilikum can try to recover from his years of hurt and frustration. 

Watch Blackfish and support the cause in anyway you can. There are many petitions, Facebook groups etc highlighting the appeal to free Tilikum, but the most important thing is to spread the word and open the mind of the millions of small minded and ignorant humans. 

As human beings, lets do the right thing and do what is best for Tilikum!

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