‘Deception’ receives a 4.5 star review!

I was very pleased to see that Deception has received another glowing review, a very decent 4.5 star and ‘highly recommended’ rated review. 

I personally really like this review because the reader has clearly understood the book, but most importantly, have understood the characters. They have enjoyed experiencing Billy and Eve’s relationship, and I’m so happy that they said enough in the review, but not too much about the story.

My favourite quotes from the review of Deception from Book Junkie Reviews

“T. J. Blake amazingly depicts the full range of emotions that these characters feel, especially obsession, rage, passion, contempt and confusion.”

“The book is aptly named Deception because it is full of manipulation, unclear motives and people not being what they appear. Read and be enveloped into a world that is wonderful but warped, and be taken along a journey full of exciting twists and turns!”

Read the rest of Deception‘s review now on Book Junkie Reviews.

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