Claret Press – Fundraising & Spreading Awareness for Motor Neurone Disease

I received an email recently from a small indie publishing house known as Claret Press, informing me they had just launched a short story competition. I thought it had a lovely incentive and story behind it, so I thought I would spread the word for them.

What you need to know

If you’re a writer and you want to take part, this is a little bit of background about their reason for the fundraise and how you can take part:

“We here at Claret Press are organising a fundraiser for the MNDA. We are a small indie publishing house and we have just launched a short story competition. One of our writers, Sarah Gray, suffers from motor neurone disease and the idea for this competition was sparked by her short story collection Half Life. The short stories will deal with all aspects of motor neurone disease: for people living with MND, carers, family members, heath and social care professionals, Association staff and volunteers and anyone else affected by MND. Winning stories will be published in a collection, and net proceeds will go the support people living with MND.”

Sarah Gray’s short story collection Half Life deals with aspects of physical and mental illness in innovative and original ways. The Judges will be looking for similarly engaging and novel stories of no more than 5,000 words inspired by these issues. Stories can be written from any perspective and in any format. This can include murder mystery, thriller, romance, post-modern, horror, etc.

I’ll certainly be giving this a go for a great cause, I encourage all you other writers to do so too!


Find out more by heading over to their website!

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