“DECEPTION” and “Alive” free today and tomorrow – stay home, stay safe, keep reading

Stay at home, save lives

This won’t cure coronavirus, but I do hope it will provide some respite from all that’s going on.

We may be in lockdown, but this is a chance to get your head into a book and have a break from all the stress surrounding the current situation.

This is a global issue, which is why my novels ‘DECEPTION’ and ‘Alive’ are free to download from Amazon on Kindle today and tomorrow.

If you enjoy reading psychological thriller novels, or you know someone who does, let them know about these free books. It might give them the relief they need from everything.

DECEPTION: getBook.at/DeceptionTJBlake
Alive: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B01GZ86SU6/

#StayAtHomeSaveLives – read, people! 📚👌

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