Familiar pre-order cancelled – thanks Amazon KDP!

Major update on Familiar – pre-order cancelled. Don’t worry, you will get your refund. Familiar available early.

Hi everyone,

A quick blog from me. If you ordered my latest novel, ‘Familiar’, which was originally due for release this Friday. Your order was cancelled by Amazon KDP.


In all honesty, I do not know why, I don’t know why they made this decision but it means that the book you pre-ordered won’t be delivered to your Kindle on the day of release.

Of course I’m so frustrated and I can only apologise on their behalf.

There is good news though…

To make up for this, I’m releasing Familiar early!

It will be available to buy as a paperback or download onto your Kindle within the next day or so.

Once again, I’m sorry about this – I wish I could explain it.

On the plus side, no more waiting – Familiar will be out very, very, VERY soon!

Familiar paperback

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