YA Author T. J. Blake Releases 2nd Book in his “Endurance Series”

Contact Information:

Contact Person: T. J. Blake
Email Address: tom.j.blake@hotmail.co.uk
Website address: www.tjblakeauthor.com

Guildford, Surrey – December 2014 – Horror and suspense author, T. J. Blake has released the second book in his Endurance Book Series.

T. J. Blake is pleased to announce that Endurance: Apocalypse is now available in print and eBook formats. Fans of the series will be happy to pick up where Endurance left off. In this new instalment, London is still in the throes of a massive viral infection that has left the city in chaos. The story’s antagonist, Miller, is fast using the “infected” as a way to gain power by experimenting with the virus to create a superhuman army. T. J. is certain this instalment will be even more thrilling and unexpected than Endurance was for readers.

Endurance: Apocalypse book cover

T. J. Blake, 21, is a self-published author and currently attending Kingston University. His writing career began at an early age. “I was around the age of seven. Simply put, I LOVED writing. I had a journal in which I would write multiple short stories and read them out to my parents (or anyone who would listen). I have a faint memory of writing a story about a kick-ass girl called Elizabeth, who fought against weird mutated creatures, and another about ant wars,” T. J. explains. After being temporarily sidetracked by videogames, like most young boys, T. J. went back to his first love – writing. He’s currently studying Creative Writing and English Language at Kingston.

T. J. Blake Endurance series books

What began as a college screenplay, The Endurance Series is well on its way to becoming a favourite horror collection among readers. The first instalment has already garnered several impressive reviews, leading T. J. to begin work on his third instalment, Endurance 3. Several reviews have praised the originality and unpredictability of T. J.’s books. “I like to bring all my weird and sinister thoughts to life in your mind as well as my own. Sorry to sound slightly psychotic; I suppose it doesn’t help that I like to write dark horror, mystery and suspense novels. If you want to read an original story with a blend of genres, then read my books. I do my best to entertain you,” T. J. says.

Endurance and Endurance: Apocalypse are available for purchase at Barnes and Noble (paperback only) and Amazon.co.uk in paperback and eBook versions for just £4.50 and £1.54 respectively. Interested readers can find out more about T. J. Blake and his books on his website. They’re also encouraged to follow him on Twitter and Facebook. T. J. Blake will be featured on the eBook Review Gal website on December 16, and on other Indie Book sites over the coming months.

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For more information on T. J. Blake and the Endurance Book Series, please contact T. J. directly at:

Email address: tom.j.blake@hotmail.co.uk
Website: http://www.tjblakeauthor.com

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