Book Review: The Holiday by T.M. Logan (Audiobook)

Great story, brilliant narration, I love the little boy Daniel in the book!

My wife actually chose to listen to the audiobook for ‘The Holiday’ – she played it whilst we decorated our house. It hooked me right away!

A holiday with your husband and kids, and a bunch of your close friends, what could go wrong? A lot.

Although we switch perspectives between the characters, we mostly follow the holiday through Kate, whose bright idea it was to celebrate her 40th birthday with her four closest friends, their partners and kids.

You will feel huge holiday vibes throughout the story; I wanted to get away, that is until all the secrets start unravelling. The headline secret – Kate’s husband, Sean, is having an affair, or so Kate believes. Even worse, the home wrecker is one of her best friends!

If you enjoy a plot that has more layers than an onion, then ‘The Holiday’ is a really enjoyable read. My only criticism is that sometimes Kate’s actions just aren’t realistic. She would have responded to different scenarios I believe. To combat my criticism though – if it was realistic the story would end very quickly, so I can see why the author did it the way they did.

I don’t know if my experience with this book would have been different if I was reading it, but I have to say, Laura Kirman deserves huge credit, she brought the story and characters to life. From Kate and husband Sean right through to the children in the book. Her narration was brilliant. She was so easy to listen to, and the amount of characters she needed to narrate it would have been so difficult to do. Laura did a fantastic job and stayed consistent with each character. Different tones and accents all executed brilliant.

Great story, brilliant narration. Daniel the little boy in the story deserves a little mention – he’s adorable!


Christopher Pizzey to narrate the new ‘DECEPTION’ audiobook

On top of the release of Familiar (available for pre-order, August 21), I’m super excited to reveal that my novel, DECEPTION: A Love of Lies, will be released as an audiobook this year.

I’ve heard segments of it already – it’s fascinating and very unnerving. For those of you who have read DECEPTION, you’ll understand why.

DECEPTION: A Love of Lies audiobook coming soon

I will be teaming up with actor, writer and director, Christopher Pizzey, to release DECEPTION as an audiobook.

After listening to many auditions to narrate the protagonist, Billy Allen, it was Chris Pizzey’s that stood out to me. There were a lot of high quality auditions, but Chris’ voice was perfect. His voice, tempo and accent were what I had in mind for Billy. Not only that, Chris really took the time to understand the character. So much so he became Billy, it was amazing to be a part of.

I’d go as far as saying if DECEPTION was adapted for the screen, Chris would be my first choice to play Billy!

Who is Chris Pizzey?

Chris has been involved in many big TV shows and films over the years. Some of his works include Eastenders, The Basil Brush Show, Doctors, The Bill and Stan Lee’s Lucky Man.

When will the audiobook be released?

You know how it is, I’ll be secretive on this – it will be this year.

Keep an ear out for Chris Pizzey as Billy Allen!