My Article About Self-Published Authors

Please feel free to have a read of my article which I wrote and published onto Blirt.


” Should Self-Published authors be frowned upon?
This is my view on self-publishing – coming from a self-published author of Endurance and The Author.

Blog With A New Look

My blog has changed tonight. You may notice that my URL is now changed to and that the entire blog has had a pretty makeover.

Hope you like it, please have a look through my blog and read about my books. If you’re a fan of horror, mystery, dystopia, science fiction and psychological novels then you may be interested in my novels Endurance and The Author (which are both available on Amazon and Waterstones.

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My Blirt Article: Film News and Thoughts

This is an article which I wrote on Blirt. I felt the need to express my feelings. Please have a read and tell me what you think of the films I speak about.

” My thoughts on Taken 3, Mrs Doubtfire 2 and Terminator 5, with a quick mention of The Amazing Spiderman 2, X-Men: Days of Future Past and Godzilla. – See more at:



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