The Undoing Alternate Ending

The Undoing, starring Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman, had us all gripped. A classic whodunnit. We all had theories, most of them COMPLETELY off the mark.

If you’re behind or are yet to watch The Undoing, stop reading and come back once you have watched it – I’m going to reveal what my theory was.


It was on that drive between Jonathan (Hugh Grant) and his son Henry that the nation collectively gasped once the flashbacks started rolling.

“No! It can’t be, it was Hugh all along!?”

It sure was. The signs were there in plain sight, but none of us wanted to believe it. It was too obvious to be Jonathan, he was the prime suspect after all, it’s never the first person that’s accused. Until The Undoing came along.

This nicely leads me onto what my theory was… and to be fair, I thought that my alternate ending would have been pretty awesome too!

My alternate ending/theory for The Undoing

My theory came to me when Jonathan mentioned to his lawyer Haley Fitzgerald about another woman he cheated on Grace with before Elena Alves (the victim). He referred to this woman as a “one-off years ago”. This other woman who Jonathan mentioned didn’t have a name, and I thought this was the writers giving us a teeny hint.

I was convinced that it was this other woman that had murdered Elena Alves in a jealous rage.

For this unnamed woman, the brutal murder of Elena wasn’t enough. She wanted to make Jonathan pay, so she went to Jonathan and Grace’s family lake house, where she and Jonathan used to meet, and planted the murder weapon in the fireplace.

A cruel act of revenge!

So, who is the ‘one-off years ago’ woman I’m talking about?

Sylvia Steineitz

Sylvia Steineitz!

Hear me out. The unnamed ‘one-off’ woman, why doesn’t he name her? Even when the lawyer pushes, Jonathan still doesn’t name her. She’s simply the “one-off years ago”.

Sylvia worked with Jonathan secretly without Grace knowing. Sylvia admitted secretly helping Jonathan after he was fired from his job at the hospital. More lies.

Jonathan ended it, Sylvia was jealous and saw Jonathan leaving Elena’s place the night she murdered him. Rage, jealousy, bitterness took over and boom. The hammer was there.

Sylvia brutally murdered Elena and framed Jonathan!

Or that’s what I thought.

It all came tumbling to me, I was absolutely convinced I had it all figured out.

I didn’t have it figured out at all.

What was your theory on The Undoing?

Let me know!

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Recommended TV Programme: Bates Motel

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but TV at the moment just isn’t all that great. Although many of us have Sky, Virgin and Netflix, we still struggle to find good TV programmes; well, I do anyway. 

With Game of Thrones back tomorrow (hallelujah!) it instantly improves the standards of TV at the moment, but that’s not to say all TV is bad. 

There is one TV programme that I have been watching since it first began back in 2013 and that’s Bates Motel. As you have probably guessed, it’s based around the characters in Robert Bloch’s novel and Alfred Hitchcok’s 1960 movie Psycho. The series is a prequel to the film. 

I knew just from seeing this advertised that it would either be a great watch or a cheesy disaster. Fortunately, it’s not the latter.  This modern recreation of Bates Motel is really fascinating. It’s enticing, unpredictable, eery and believable, due to the great actors and actresses starring. 

For me, Freddie Highmore (yes, the guy who was Charlie in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory) who plays Norman Bates is the key performer in Bates. His acting is brilliant. He has the ability to play an innocent yet disturbing eighteen year old so well that you can see how he feels, know exactly what he’s thinking and even though he’s psychotic, you can’t help but feel sorry for him. 

I cant recommend this enough. If you’re someone who wants a new programme to get into, Bates is one you need to start! 

The Walking Dead Season 5 (Potential Spoiler)

I watched The Walking Dead (TWD) last night (S5, Ep 12) and now I’m intrigued.

Over the 5 seasons of TWD I have either been a little bit bored or really enticed by the story. There have been some real dark story lines, shocking deaths and great battles.

Admittedly, over season five I have been slightly bored with what has been happening; I haven’t exactly been gripped. Instead, it sometimes feels like I am watching paint dry. Now hopefully is the time where I will be gripped and repeatedly shaken.

I already find myself thinking of TWD and wondering ‘what are the group going to go through next?’

On arrival to Alexandria everyone is friendly and welcoming to Rick and the group. They are given homes of their choice to move into. The homes have running water, food, electricity etc. It all seems too good to be true and I was constantly asking myself the question ‘So what’s the catch?’
At the moment there is no catch to all of this, the only thing the community wants in return is the commitment of Rick and the group. The group are being assigned jobs, as nominated by Alexandria leader Deanna. She is seemingly assessing each member of the group with a little chat and videoing their interaction.

The episode is titled ‘The New Bad Guys’, on the first look you fear for the group that they have once again fallen into that trap. That same trap of letting their guard down and being tortured and torn apart by another group or community.

But, I believe I know what way this is heading; the new bad guys are not who you may suspect… Potential spoiler alert below (if I’m right).

The new direction TWD is rapidly moving in is to make Rick and the group ‘The New Bad Guys’.

Rick at the end says to Daryl and Carol on the front porch of their big new home, “We’ll make it work. If they can’t make it, then we’ll just take this place.”

Rick’s plan surely can’t be to kill the entire community of Alexandria?
Surely not, after a lovely neighbour cut his scraggly hair?
Well who knows, it could well be the plan. Everyone has dramatically changed over this time period since series 1. Understandable though, if it were real then I think many of us would become mentally affected and unstable.

I think that if this was to happen in WTD, it would create a huge divide in the group, turning against each other, resulting a free-for-all. Potentially two differing leaders in the group, newly appointed deputies Rick and Michonne as the leaders of their respected decision.

Question is, whose side would you take?

I wouldn’t take Rick’s. The fact that if he was stupid enough to get into another war, risking his little baby’s life as well as Carl’s would show his inability to be a good father.

At this stage it is hearsay, let us hope that Rick makes the right decision.