10/10 review for Endurance: Apocalypse

I am happy to share with you a book review that I have just received for the second instalment of the Endurance Series, Endurance: Apocalypse!

Thanks to Gemma and the Cult Den for the fantastic review!

As noted both Endurance and Endurance: Apocalypse will be free to download from Amazon this Saturday. Endurance for 5 days and Endurance: Apocalypse for 2.


Endurance gets Reviewed!

It is great hearing what your readers think of your books. You get your positive, mediocre and negative reviews. I treat all of them the same, I take on criticism and try to improve on them, but I also take the praise and make sure I pursue it to make it as good next time around. 

This review however is absolutely amazing. I am very honoured to receive such praise. So I thank you to The Cult Den and Gemma for writing this great review. 

Here’s the link to the great review: http://www.thecultden.com/2014/08/book-review-endurance.html

Available from Amazon and Waterstones
Available from Amazon and Waterstones
Coming Soon!
Coming Soon!