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Visit iAuthor to read the first three chapters of my new thriller, Deception: A Love of Lies.

As you surely must know by now (if you’ve been keeping an eye on my blog at least) my newest psychological thriller, Deception: A Love of Lies is out and available to buy from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Waterstone Marketplace and Smashwords. But, there is a way that you can read a preview of the book to see if it’s your kind of story.

Deception now features on a website called iAuthor, which connects authors and readers together. By visiting the iAuthor website, you’ll be able to read the first three chapters of Deception: A Love of Lies. 


Read the first three chapters of Deception now by continuing its iAuthor page.

Deception Synopsis

“Through the stark and leafless trees, I see her.

I remember the first day I saw her; an instant attraction. I think she’s beautiful. She has such pensive blue eyes; they remind me of a blue sky right before the sun descends. Every time I see her I want to talk to her, I want to get to know her, and I want to be her friend. She usually completes the lower woodland walk in six minutes and forty-two seconds; she misses the deeper woodlands and goes home, I believe.

I walk down the road at the same speed as her. She reaches the crossroads at the bottom of the road, looks both ways, and then jogs across into the garden of a house. I stop walking and concentrate on which house is hers.

I can’t stare too long but I am intrigued already, I will come back.”

Deception: A Love of Lies is available to buy now on eBook & paperback from Amazon.


Deception Exclusively Free on Story Cartel

Deception: A Love of Lies is exclusively ‘free’ to download on Story Cartel –

You may have heard of the website Story Cartel – it allows readers to download free books online, and authors to receive honest reviews from those readers. With this ideal combination, I am utilising the service of Story Cartel. This means that for just three weeks, my new psychological thriller Deception: A Love of Lies will be free to download, in return for an honest review – this is all I ask.

You can find out more about Deception and Story Cartel by continuing to Deception‘s Story Cartel page.

If the link above does not work, use this one here to download Deception –