Endurance extract: Chapter 1

” A man sat slumped with his back against the wall, injured and staring at the last flickering light, at a vandalised station on the London Underground; the bricks and tiles scattered across the floor. The bloodstained walls have made it unrecognisable. No one else was around.
He sat in the corner of the stop, deeply hidden within the shadows.
The entrance was barricaded with collapsed concrete and bricks. Specks of dust floated down from the ceiling onto the ground and covered the man in a sheen of white.
Complete silence was occasionally interrupted by loud screams from above, mostly from women and children. As the screaming stopped, murmuring and deep roars began. The sounds were not completely clear, but resembled a heavy smoker clearing his throat. ”

Endurance by T. J. Blake available at Amazon on Paperback RRP £4.25 / $7.55 Currently $7.17. Also on Kindle/ eBook for £1.54 / $2.35 FREE to borrow for Amazon Prime customers.

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