Entering a different mind and body 

Today I have been writing. This writing though means that I have to enter into a different kind of mind state to become this character. This mind is unlike myself and any other character of mine. 

It does however make me wonder, is there any person out there who thinks the same as my character, Billy in this story? To be honest I hope not. Although his mind and thought processes are intelligent, imaginative and creative, he is dangerous.

Billy’s an interesting character, and I look forward to see where he takes me! 

My Flash! Friday entry 29th November

So I have once again had a go at Flash! Friday. This is what I came up with from the picture I was given. You can check that at the flash Friday website and have a go yourself!


Pushing my way through the crack in the window, I escape the direct burning rays of the sun, and the gawping beaks of soaring birds.

Clambering across the dust and dead flies on the ledge, I rest myself against the window frame.
I look into the building I’ve entered, and see humans. They all sit on separate chairs facing the front, looking down to their desks.

I shoot my web onto the ceiling and then lower myself down onto the floor. As I walk across the floor, dodging the bails of rolling dust, I climb up onto the chair to find another spider, like me.

That’s my piece for this weeks flash Friday…

I don’t know why I decided to write this, I hate spiders!!

Flash! Friday Fiction debut post

I decided to take part in Flash! Friday Fiction for the first time yesterday!

What Flash Friday does, is weekly upload a photo for users to write a 150 word creative piece.
I thought it would be fun so I gave it a go. Admittedly, my piece may not be that great, but what can you do with 150 words which is a first draft and written in a small time scale? Not too much, but I gave it a go, some people had some great ideas and produced good writing.

Below is my piece on the Flash Friday Fiction blog…

THE PATH by T. J. Blake (151 words)
“Gravel crunches under my feet. The gentle breeze smothers my surroundings; making the leaves above me chafe, the barbed wire fence scrape against the wood, and press my orange robe against my body.
I amble whilst staring at the wicker huts and small mountains ahead of me. Birds glide above me in the dark grey overcast. Slithers of glowing light occasionally bursts through the clouds lighting the dim skies. A deep roar sounds in the distance and echoes towards me, chattering the specs of dusted gravel by my feet.

My eyes glance back to the path, lapse of concentration will kill me.
A man in a black robe stands not far from me, his head hidden in the darkness of his hood.
I slip my arm into my orange robe and feel the handle of my sword.
As I approach him, he opens his robe revealing the glint of his blade.”

Feel free to let me know what you think of my piece.
I will definitely have a go at Flash! Friday fiction again when I can and maybe you should too?
It is on a wordpress blog, just google flash Friday fiction.

Endurance will be free tomorrow!

Endurance will be free on Amazon for eBook and Kindle TOMORROW right up until Friday the 22nd of November.

Why is it free I hear you ask?
No reason, it just is. I did a freebee for Halloween but it didn’t last long enough so now I’m making my book ‘Endurance’ free tomorrow so you can get your hands on a copy for your Kindle.

So go get Endurance free tomorrow and let your friends know about this free deal.

If you’re wondering, Endurance is a horror, mystery and dystopian novel.
These are the things being said about Endurance…

“this book is highly readable, good characters, and lots of twists and turns throughout the book.”

“Exciting and entertaining read.”
“I loved the suspense and the story line. It’s worth reading, and has a very interesting theme.”
“It’s a fresh plot with a number of unseen twists written in a style that is easy to read. His characters are well conceived and he wastes few words with descriptions that just don’t move the story along. Well done.”


Endurance by T. J. Blake Out Now
Endurance by T. J. Blake Free on Amazon November 20th – 22nd

New writing and new book ideas

I have officially started writing the next instalment of Endurance, ‘Endurance: Apocalypse’ (Endurance 2). For those of you who have read Endurance, it will be as gory, as action packed and I hope as unpredictable! I’m writing it when I can, hoping for it to be completed early(ish) 2014!

I also have a new mystery thriller book idea which I am developing at the moment. I could possibly begin writing it at the beginning of next year.
I do however have two other book ideas as well as the mystery thriller idea to pick from so we shall see what I decide to write. Who knows I may need to ask the opinion of you to help me decide.

So, very exciting prospects for the end of 2013 and beginning of 2014, with my next book ‘The Author’ coming out hopefully within the next few weeks and possibly ‘Endurance: Apocalypse’ out at the beginning of next year, and then more writing with my 3 other book ideas for the rest of 2014 and maybe 2015!

Endurance FREE tomorrow for 1 day only. 30th October

My novel Endurance is FREE for one day only starting early AM 30th October and ending late PM the same day.

So check out Endurance on Amazon for eBook/Kindle tomorrow right here:

Endurance is a horror, suspense, mystery and dystopian novel.

FREE 30th October on Amazon
FREE 30th October on Amazon

Been writing for hours!

Today I have been working on my next novel ‘The Author’ (COMING SOON!)

I have spent 7 hours on it today and I have only written 10 5×8 pages, (That is the size of an average novel) which isn’t really a lot but I am getting to the critical and difficult stage of the novel. It is spicing up and becoming very dark, gory and twisted now! Very exciting, can’t wait to finish it and get my second novel out there for hopefully all of you to enjoy 🙂

Just a reminder don’t forget about my debut novel Endurance which is available on Amazon for paperback and Kindle.

A note to reviewers, I am still looking for reviewers to read and review Endurance so if you are interested then please let me know. Thanks!

Endurance extract: Chapter 1

” A man sat slumped with his back against the wall, injured and staring at the last flickering light, at a vandalised station on the London Underground; the bricks and tiles scattered across the floor. The bloodstained walls have made it unrecognisable. No one else was around.
He sat in the corner of the stop, deeply hidden within the shadows.
The entrance was barricaded with collapsed concrete and bricks. Specks of dust floated down from the ceiling onto the ground and covered the man in a sheen of white.
Complete silence was occasionally interrupted by loud screams from above, mostly from women and children. As the screaming stopped, murmuring and deep roars began. The sounds were not completely clear, but resembled a heavy smoker clearing his throat. ”

Endurance by T. J. Blake available at Amazon on Paperback RRP £4.25 / $7.55 Currently $7.17. Also on Kindle/ eBook for £1.54 / $2.35 FREE to borrow for Amazon Prime customers.

Calling for honest reviewers

This is a post calling for any honest reviewers or reviewing blogs out there.

I am after an honest review for my book Endurance. So if you’re a reviewer and you could write an honest review for Endurance, then please contact me on tom.j.blake@hotmail.co.uk and then I can send you a PDF version of the book for free to read and review.
I would really appreciate it.