New Amazon Review For The Author

I was glad to see a new rating and review for my novel The Author on Amazon (Kindle Edition).

‘ The book introduces you to its protagonist, Ryan Milligan, an author whose wife and children disappeared four years previously. He moves to a new house, soon feeling that something is not right. There are weird neighbours, strange dreams, women are murdered in the neighbourhood. I will not tell you more about the story than shown in the Amazon plot description. This would spoil the fun of reading this book yourself.

With The Author, T. J. Blake has created a horror story that requires your concentration. The story provides you with the present, excerpts from the author’s ‘Killing For Your Love’, and Ryan’s dreams and/or nightmares – not necessarily in that order. It is easy to distinguish the book excerpts, harder to separate nightmare from reality. I couldn’t help considering if Ryan had lost his marbles. The Author is not an easy read, comprises interesting turns, the brutality towards the end is a little exaggerated. T. J. Blake seems to be an author with real potential.

3.4 stars ‘

Overall it is a very positive review and one that I am happy with. Thank you to whoever took the time out to not only read The Author but to also review it.

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The Author by T. J. Blake
The Author by T. J. Blake


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Endurance by T. J. Blake
Endurance by T. J. Blake

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