Valentines Day has arrived

It’s the day that single people detest, but it’s officially the day to be loved up and express your love to your partner by buying her gifts.
Personally I don’t really understand Valentines Day. I think it is a ploy to make some money out of people.
Wouldn’t people prefer to be surprised with flowers, chocolate and love on a random day of the year rather than a specified day?

Well that took a dark turn…

That’s enough negativity for one day.
Having said this, I will still be ‘taking part’ in valentines day with my girlfriend. I bought her a card, chocolates and a rose (I can do romance).
I also suggested going to see American Sniper for our valentines film, but she said no. Instead my suggestion of Big Hero 6 turned out to be a winner!

Everyone enjoy your day whatever you’re doing.

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