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How can you start a career in writing?

Finding a job and starting your career in any industry is extremely difficult, especially when it comes to the sphere of writing. Due to this seemingly impossible sector to break into, I feel that I should give you an overview of what self-publishing has done for me in terms of my employability.

Please see my new post How can I start a career in writing? and read about my view on recruitment, the writing sector and how avid writers can build up their writing experience with the assistance of self-publishing.


Something that I have learned from writing and self-publishing is that indie authors stick together – we help each other and as a growing and global community, it’s great to be a part of it. So, I want to help my fellow writers out by spreading my story; which has only just begun. I haven’t achieved everything I want to achieve, I only have just over three years of experience, but I feel I’ve come a long way in those three years, on a personal and professional level.

Feel free to find out more about me by looking through my blog:

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Why did I choose to self-publish?

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