Find out how to create your first Kindle book with Success Entrepreneur

I came across this post online – it’s a great post, explaining the process of creating your first ever Kindle book through Createspace and Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). In 4 easy (ish) steps, you could be on your way to becoming a self-published author. But once you complete these steps, that is when the hard work begins. 

It’s a long post, but it’s definitely worth a read, especially if you’re truly passionate about writing and want to begin your self-publishing career. 

This post has got all the details that first time self-publishers and more experienced indie authors can utilise. The process of first time self-publishing can be intimidating, and a detailed guide has definitely been needed; now finally created. 

As I have said previously, you cannot do everything by yourself, especially when it comes to self-publishing – and I think that this blog shows that. With the support of this guide, you can create a very good paperback and eBook.

Read the post now – Create your first Kindle book in 4 steps with Success Entrepreneur 

You can see my journey as a self-published author so far by reading my latest post, How can you start a career in writing? – here you can see what becoming a self-published author has done for me. 

Also, if you’re currently looking for a new read, then I highly recommend my new psychological thriller, Deception: A Love of Lies

T. J. Blake Releases New Psychological Thriller, Deception: A Love of Lies (Press Release)

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