Familiar Gets Editorial Review from Readers’ Favorite

Reviewed by Susan Sewell for Readers’ Favorite

When a famous psychic predicts a murder that leads to a mass grave site, she becomes the prime suspect in the paranormal novel, Familiar by T. J. Blake. From childhood, Arabella led a lonely and abstract life. Misunderstood, her closest friends were not among the living. In an effort to make a difference, Arabella uses her unique ability to share what her friends have to say with the world. One night, while she is on stage, a friend shows himself and leaves a cryptic message which Arabella shares with the live televised audience. Unfortunately, the enigmatic words are clues to a murder and the mass grave of a serial killer. Taken in for questioning, Arabella is the number one suspect, and it isn’t the first time she is on the wrong side of the table. Arabella must face her tragic past once again. Both the press and the police are watching her every move. Convinced she is guilty, reporters are camping outside in her front yard. In the meantime, another new friend comes to her home, and Arabella feels an unusual connection to her. Who is this new friend? And why has she shown up now?

Revealing the twisted motivation behind a serial killer, Familiar by T. J. Blake is a fascinating and thrilling paranormal mystery that is unforgettable. The story moves along at a nice pace; the intrigue and intensity slowly escalate until it culminates in a brilliant and shocking conclusion. Arabella’s backstory is intriguing, and the way it gradually unravels increases the suspense and apprehension level of the plot. I recommend this gripping mystery to everyone who loves an intense murder mystery mixed with the spice of the paranormal.

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