The ‘Familiar’ audiobook tour – AMAZING reviews

Firstly, thank you to everyone who took part in the audiobook tour for ‘Familiar’ (narrated by Amanda Parrott). And of course thank you to the hosts Love Book Tours.

The average ratings of these two books on Goodreads and Amazon in particular are amazing – never have any of my books received this many wonderful reviews.

If you’re looking for a creepy audiobook this Halloween, then here’s why Familiar should be on your list

“I had to stay up to finish this book. I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN. Then, I creeped myself out. I know better than reading paranormal books at bedtime!”


“A phenomenal lady who can speak to “friends” it was heart warming, terrifying and captivating!”

Goodreads & Amazon

“T.J has done amazing work with the storyline which helps to keep you guessing the plot right till the end…..there is a spiritualist side to this story but it all adds to the storyline and helps to grip the reader. The character will stick with you long after you have finished.”


“Creepy Thriller with a Strong Female Lead!”


“Familiar is the second of T J Blakes audio books that I have had the pleasure to listen to and both are fantastic.”


This was a perfect book to read in October: Spooky, creepy and believable… There’s one particular scene in which a friend makes itself known starting only with it’s eyeballs, then it’s teeth, which still makes me a bit jumpy if I think of it in the dark in my creepy old attic bedroom. The whispers and the sensations Arabella experiences turned my skin to gooseflesh and I found myself wondering whether I was really reading all alone…

Goodreads & Amazin

The above quotes are just a few of the great reviews I had. Along with the brilliant reviews, there were some nice bits of feedback from readers which I will take forward into my next books.

Get into the Halloween spirit and read ‘Familiar’ – it’s currently on Amazon on Kindle and Audiobook:

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