Writing my new thriller ‘Deception’ – Chapter 17 & 18 

I’ve been writing and editing Decpetion this weekend, swiftly moving past chapter 17 and onto a shocking chapter 18. 

Billy had been enjoying his dangerous victory until a familiar face appears, in the most unlikely form. 

The victory suddenly turns into a punishment, which will haunt him for the rest of his life. 

Chapter 19 will be a tough and emotional time for Billy. 

Working on Deception this evening – Chapter 17

After a long and tension filled chapter 16, Billy is left haunted but victorious. He doesn’t know the outcome of the events from the night before, but after heading back into his woodlands, it looks conclusive. The emotions he’s now feeling are new to him though. 

Knowing what’s about to come, Billy has no idea what is about to hit him. The book has been building to this point, and I cannot wait to execute this part of the story – Billy’s world is about to implode. 

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Working on Endurance: Apocalypse and a New eBook

Endurance: Apocalypse is currently under the editing process. We will work to edit it as quick as we can to make it available for you out there who are waiting to read what will happen next after Endurance! 

Endurance Apocalypse Book cover

You may be aware that I am writing a new book as well as editing. My new book (which will be available as eBook only) is a supernatural horror novel. I am yet to confirm a name for it. I do have one but I am still undecided on that. I have a cover idea and I am well and truly into the thick of the story. So I am hoping to get this new book out there as soon as possible for you all to check out. 

I have never written a book of the supernatural kind. I have decided to take a risk and add my own twist to it, so you can expect an original story with a different outlook and set of rules for my spiritual world  

I have been living a lie. My husband Jack and my two daughters Lucy and Charlie believe that I am dead.” – Character Sarah from the new eBook. Coming Soon!