DECEPTION update – the book cover!

T. J. Blake’s new psychological thriller, DECEPTION, is coming soon.


The image above has been kicking around for a while now, and today, I have finally completed my book cover for ‘DECEPTION – a love of lies’. My new psychological thriller will be available to read soon… very, very soon – as for the release of the book cover, that will also be revealed soon…

… Actually, I’ll reveal the front cover to you right now – because I’m so kind.

Just for you, below is the front cover of DECEPTION – let me know what you think! 🙂



I completed a first edit of my brand new thriller novel, DECEPTION, and I’m really enjoying the potential of this story. Now that me and my editor are both working on it, it’s great to see the book adapting and becoming an even better read for you all.
Read the DECEPTION preview now!

Sorry it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me, I’ve had a mental few weeks. I got a new job – which didn’t turn out to be what I expected it to be (at all!) – I was without a job for a couple of weeks, and now I’m back at my previous employer; happy once again. Oh how we all love a happy ending.

Back to the point of this post now – I completed a first edit of my brand new thriller novel, DECEPTION, and I’m really enjoying the potential of this story. Now that me and my editor are both working on it, it’s great to see the book adapting and becoming an even better read for you all.


Although this is only a preview, it’s hopefully still enough for you to get your teeth into.

I present to you a very small slither of my next novel, DECEPTION.

DECEPTION by T. J. Blake (Preview)

‘Through the stark and leafless trees I see her; she’s walking her Springer, ‘Bussy’. She has a slight bounce to her stride as she lets Bussy gallop around the lower woodlands.
She has that horse rider look; tight fitted riding trousers and boots, a black woollen jumper and a white shirt.
Her brown hair is woven into a plait and dangles over her right shoulder.

I see her most mornings. I remember the first day I saw her; an instant attraction. I think she’s beautiful. She has such pensive blue eyes; they remind me of a blue sky right before the sun descends. From different angles I catch the glint from her eyes, similar to the sparkle of a star in the night. Her skin is pale but in this cold she has rosy red cheeks that match her deep red lipstick.
Every time I see her I want to talk to her, I want to get to know her, and I want to be her friend.’

Copyright © 2016 T. J. Blake
All rights reserved. 

Coming in the summer of 2016!

‘DECEPTION – a love of lies’ synopsis

DECEPTION synopsis revealed – Please take a moment to read the DECEPTION synopsis, and feel free to let T. J. Blake know what you think by continuing to his blog ‘T. J. Blake # Author’.

Happy Easter weekend everyone!

I had some aims for this Bank Holiday weekend, and it’s fair to say I have most definitely achieved a lot of them (thankfully!). Below is my ever so strict check-list.

Easter Bank Holiday weekend check-list

  • Complete first draft of DECEPTION – CHECK
  • Complete synopsis of DECEPTION – CHECK
  • Complete first edit of DECEPTION – I’m working on it!

As I said on my Twitter and Facebook pages earlier today, I will be revealing the synopsis for my next novel DECEPTION – a love of lies in a moment… actually, now!

DECEPTION has been in the works for well over a year now, and I’m very happy to allow you all the opportunity to read the official synopsis for my new thriller novel. Please take a moment to read the DECEPTION synopsis, and feel free to let me know what you think. I hope you like it!

DECEPTION – a love of lies (synopsis)

“Through the stark and leafless trees, I see her.

I remember the first day I saw her; an instant attraction. I think she’s beautiful. She has such pensive blue eyes that remind me of a blue sky, right before the sun descends. Every time I see her I want to talk to her, I want to get to know her, and I want to be her friend.
She usually completes the lower woodland walk in six minutes and forty-two seconds; she misses the deeper woodlands and goes home, I believe.

I walk down the road at the same speed as her. She reaches the crossroads at the bottom of the road, looks both ways, and then jogs across into the garden of a house. I stop walking and concentrate on which house is hers.

I can’t stare too long but I am intrigued already, I will come back.”

DECEPTION, coming in the summer of 2016!


DECEPTION Ch.21 – Billy has finally read the entries

I’ve been working on DECEPTION again this weekend, and now more has been shown to Billy. 

He was in unfamiliar territory when asked to read some entries that he promised he would never read. But because he needed answers, he’s had to go against that. After reading the entries, there are some answers for Billy, but some things are still unclear. 

Billy returns home and something is not quite right. Something is missing. Something he loves has gone. 

Update: Coming Soon!

We’re coming to the New Year now, so I thought I’d update you all on my projects.

As you may know, I haven’t self-published any books during this year – simply because I was too busy with my final year of University and I unexpectedly landed myself a Copywriting role at a Digital Marketing Company. However, I was planning to completely reduce the amount of writing I did during the year of 2015, but that didn’t really happen.

I have been writing – not as regularly as normal, but more than I anticipated. If you’ve been keeping up to date with this blog or my Twitter (@TJBlake93) or Facebook pages, then you’ll know that I have been working on my new thriller Deception, which I am hoping to self-publish some time next year. I have also done some work to Endurance 3, which could also be out next year, more likely 2017 though – but I will push for it to be out 2016, just for you!

Anyhow, thought I’d let you know that I am still alive (because I haven’t posted in a while) and working hard to get Deception written and self-published (or published!?) for you to all enjoy.
I have a good feeling about this, unlike Obi-Wan… That’s right, I’m VERY excited to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens!


Deception (2016) (Thriller)

Endurance 3 (2016/17) (Mystery, Horror, Suspense, Dystopia, Science Fiction)

Writing my new thriller ‘Deception’ – Chapter 17 & 18 

I’ve been writing and editing Decpetion this weekend, swiftly moving past chapter 17 and onto a shocking chapter 18. 

Billy had been enjoying his dangerous victory until a familiar face appears, in the most unlikely form. 

The victory suddenly turns into a punishment, which will haunt him for the rest of his life. 

Chapter 19 will be a tough and emotional time for Billy. 

Working on Deception this evening – Chapter 17

After a long and tension filled chapter 16, Billy is left haunted but victorious. He doesn’t know the outcome of the events from the night before, but after heading back into his woodlands, it looks conclusive. The emotions he’s now feeling are new to him though. 

Knowing what’s about to come, Billy has no idea what is about to hit him. The book has been building to this point, and I cannot wait to execute this part of the story – Billy’s world is about to implode. 

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Writing and editing Deception – Chapter 16

I’ve been working on Deception today. 

Chapter 16: Billy’s in his woodlands following someone. It’s a battle for pride. Will he go too far? #amwriting #amediting #Deception #Novel #comingsoon

New Thriller New Title?

I have been trying to think of a title for my new thriller for a while now, but I may have finally thought of a title worth considering. 

After originally submitting the first few chapters of ‘The Dog Walk’ for my dissertation, I then decided to continue writing it and adapt it into a full novel. I was initially going to stick with ‘The Dog Walk’ as the title for the book, but for me it just wasn’t right. I thought of titles such as ‘Woodland Walker’, ‘Collared’ and ‘Woodlands’, but none of which suited the book. Now though I have a title which is well suited and definitely my best title yet.

The piece of work originated from my Creative Writing Dissertation (Which I gladly received a First for). I did a lot of research into the field of psychogy before creating the characters and story. With my readings, I was able to create the intricate and intriguingly strange and lonely main character Billy. 

I’m happy with how the story is currently unfolding, and I can’t wait to get it finished and published for all of you to read. 

The blurb for Endurance: Apocalypse is now complete!

London is intolerable; the infected dominate the ravaged streets. Miller has gained full control and takes advantage of his authority, experimenting with the virus in an attempt to form a new superhuman army.

““Danni entered the station, the breeze was the only sound, eerily howling through the underground; the station was deserted. She ran up the escalators and stood at the top of Waterloo station. Staring along the station she saw corpses scattered across the ground. Splattered and smudged blood decorated Waterloo.”

This takes us one huge step closer to the release of Endurance 2!
It will be available to buy on paperback and eBook.

  Endurance 1 and 2