New psychological thriller, Deception, receives first review on

Very happy to see my first review for my brand new psychological thriller novel, Deception – A Love of Lies

I have been intrigued to hear what my readers have thought of my new novel, and this first review has made me extremely happy and confident. I’m sure that my readers will appreciate this psychological book – it possesses a close proximity of setting, unique characters and an intricate story to make you desire more. 

Here’s my first review from a happy reader on 

“Amazing novel! Another great read from T. J. Blake. This is the fourth novel from this up and coming writer. ‘Deception: A Love of Lies’ has you gripped from the very first chapter and I really could not put this down. The character and scene depictions really paint the picture in your mind. A highly believable plot line, intriguing characters and twists & turns make this a real page turner. Well done on another great release. I look forward to the next release in the not too distant future.”

If you have a Kindle, you can start reading Deception: A Love of Lies within seconds. But if you love the form of a paperback, then Deception is also available on paperback too. 

Deception: A Love of Lies – Available now on eBook, Kindle and paperback

I guarantee that once you read this book, you will not be able to look at passing dog walkers the same.

Although there were some odd predictions yesterday that the world would end (yeah, I know, again!) it thankfully didn’t happen, and my new psychological thriller, Deception: A Love of Lies, was allowed to have it’s moment!

I ask that you give Pokémon Go a rest; just for an hour or so a day, and pick up your kindle and read my new psychological thriller – you won’t regret it.

Deception is available on Amazon as well as various other book sites, including Barnes & Noble, but most my links here on the blog lead to the eBook version on Amazon – mostly because we all love the ease of eBooks and you can start reading immediately.

I guarantee that once you read this book, you will not be able to look at passing dog walkers the same.

Deception: A Love of Lies (Psychological Thriller)


“Through the stark and leafless trees, I see her.

I remember the first day I saw her; an instant attraction. I think she’s beautiful. She has such pensive blue eyes; they remind me of a blue sky right before the sun descends. Every time I see her I want to talk to her, I want to get to know her, and I want to be her friend.

She usually completes the lower woodland walk in six minutes and forty-two seconds; she misses the deeper woodlands and goes home, I believe.

I walk down the road at the same speed as her. She reaches the crossroads at the bottom of the road, looks both ways, and then jogs across into the garden of a house. I stop walking and concentrate on which house is hers.

I can’t stare too long but I am intrigued already, I will come back.”

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