9 days left to review Endurance through Story Cartel

Endurance is on Story Cartel.

If you’re not aware of Story Cartel, it gives readers a chance to review a book and be in with a chance to be rewarded for reviewing the book.

In this case, Endurance is available on Story Cartel and every person who downloads Endurance and reviews it will be in with a chance to win a $10 Amazon giftcard.

If you’re interested, go to http://storycartel.com/books/200/endurance/ to download and review my book Endurance. I hope that you enjoy my book 🙂

Calling for honest reviewers

This is a post calling for any honest reviewers or reviewing blogs out there.

I am after an honest review for my book Endurance. So if you’re a reviewer and you could write an honest review for Endurance, then please contact me on tom.j.blake@hotmail.co.uk and then I can send you a PDF version of the book for free to read and review.
I would really appreciate it.