Dissertation and Author Work

Currently I am concentrating on my University course Creative Writing and English Language rather than trying to complete my latest books Alive and Endurance: Recovery. I promise I will get around to them, I know some of you are waiting the final instalment of the Endurance Series but don’t worry you won’t have to wait too long it will be coming this year, but unfortunately I have to put University first on my mental to do list. Number 1 being Graduate with a degree.

Although, it is great doing Creative Writing as part of my degree because it means that I can still work on future projects. For my creative writing dissertation I am in fact working on a potential book of mine. I had an idea of a book that I wanted to write and it’s an idea that you probably wouldn’t expect me to write.
This book has been given the provisional name The Dog Walk. 
This idea is one that is very unlike me. It is a suspense and mystery novel which of course is my favourite genre to write but there will be no violence. I have made this an important rule of mine, if any it will be minimal.
If you’ve read my three books then you will know that the violence in them is quite a main part of my books but this one it will not and instead I will be using something else to drive the story and my reader crazy!

Fortunately this is my last year of university. After this I can really get into my writing and start producing more for you all to enjoy!

With three books in the line, one of them being the conclusion to the Endurance Series, another a Supernatural horror and the other a non-violent suspense novel, I’m sure there will be something for you to enjoy.

My Writing Status

Today I returned to University for my 3rd and final year of Creative Writing and English Language.

This year does look as if it is going to be a hectic one; with much hard work and writing to be done.

This means that I will not be able to write as much for my books. However this will not affect the release of Endurance: Apocalypse which is coming very soon!

For now, why not check out my releases Endurance and The Author!?

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