Get ‘Deception: A Love of Lies’ from Waterstones or WHSmith

This may be old news to some of you because I posted this on my social media, but my latest psychological thriller,  Deception: A Love of Lies, is available to purchase from Waterstones and WHSmith. 

It’s a great achievement, mostly because my previous books did not make it onto WHSmith, but Deception has! 

It’s currently out of stock on WHSmith, but it’s available elsewhere in paperback and eBook. 

Deception T. J. Blake WHSmith
It’s great that it’s listed on WHSmith, and I am trying to speak to the distributor to see if we can get a description added into the book’s product page, as well as get it stocked in stores.

I’ll also admit, it’s quite pricey in WHSmith. However, on Waterstones, it’s available for a cool £7.50. 

Deception T. J. Blake Waterstones
Deception: A Love of Lies – worth the read? 

If you’re wondering whether Deception is worth reading, then you should see the incredible ratings it’s received on Goodreads from readers across the world. 

I love this book – it’s easily my favourite out of my books, and it’s all because of the main character, Billy. I know I’m slightly biased, but I’m confident that if you enjoy a psychological thriller with intricate characters and detailed characterisation, then you’ll enjoy Deception!

Deception A Love of Lies Goodreads
Grab a copy of Deception today by heading over to Waterstones, Amazon or Barnes & Noble, and see what others are saying about Deception on Goodreads

Be careful when looking at reviews, there’s potential for spoilers! 

My First Draft Complete!

Endurnace Apocalypse coming soon banner

As you may know, I have been writing the second instalment of the Endurance Series Endurance: Apocalypse. 

I can now say that I have now finished the very first draft of Endurance: Apocalypse and now it comes to the editing process, which will take a while. But, don’t worry, I will be sure to tell you when to keep an eye out for its release.

So why not have a look at the first novel Endurance. Come on, begin the Endurance Series now!

 Endurance Apocalypse Book cover

“London is silent. Severed bodies lie amongst the rubble. What once was a lively city is a now a murderous grave, enclosed in smoke and ash. The cause of the destruction is unknown. Left haunted and terrified, survivor Tom Williams confronts the brutal, mutilated streets as he fights to uncover the truth. Could he be the last hope to restore normality?”

Start The Endurance Series Now!

Endurance: Apocalypse is coming soon!

Endurance: Apocalypse

It is time to begin the Endurance Series now starting with Endurance; which is available NOW on Amazon and Waterstones.  – Read Endurance within seconds by downloading it on Kindle from Amazon.

Endurance available now

Endurance Amazon Reviews

“This was a crazy story full of nonstop action (like on every page) and unexpected moments that just left you thinking wow. There were several twists and turns and it moved fast, like an action movie.”

“Love the book, and will read more from this Author… The book was different, I was, and still, don’t know which story was real.”

“This book isn’t the genre I usually read. However, this book is highly readable, good characters, and lots of twists and turns throughout the book.
A most interesting premise, good characters, good description and I recommend it to readers of like genre.”

” It’s a fresh plot with a number of unseen twists written in a style that is easy to read. His characters are well conceived and he wastes few words with descriptions that just don’t move the story along.”

“Really enjoyed this book! Didn’t see the ending coming at all, which makes a nice change from most things I read. Very good story line with lots of twists and turns. Great characters.”

” I’m not usually a great fan of this genre of book, but I have now been converted. I look forward to the next instalment and I hope there are a few more twists and turns along the way.”

“This book is fantastic! I literally could not put it down until I had finished! The twists and turns kept me guessing which is great for this kind of book as so many these days are predictable! The state of tension created throughout the book was impressive, I don’t know if I have ever been on the edge of my seat whilst reading before! I am busy recommending this to everyone I know and am looking forward to future books!!”

Reflecting On My Reviews

Since I have released my debut Endurance and then The Author, I have had some really great reviews.

Most recently, The Author has received some good reviews which I’m very happy about. Here are some of those best reviews:

“Dean Koontz meets Stephen King” 
“This is an author to watch. His talent is quite remarkable.” 
“I liked the mystery of Ryan’s missing wife and children and didn’t expect the twist in the end.”
“Once again, I found myself getting lost in another novel by T.J. Blake”
(All Amazon reviews)

‘The Author’ is now available on Amazon and Waterstones!

Lets hope I can write some more entertaining books in the future! 🙂

The Author – Out Now!

“Dean Koontz meets Stephen King” – Amazon review

“I liked the mystery of Ryan’s missing wife and children and didn’t expect the twist in the end.” – Amazon review

“Once again, I found myself getting lost in another novel by T.J. Blake. The Author, Blake’s follow up to his debut novel Endurance, is full of twists and turns that will keep the reader on the edge of their seat–or bed, or wherever readers read.” – Amazon review

“I am not going to talk about the story because I feel that to give away too much, even of the smaller details would take a huge amount of enjoyment out of the book as the discovery of how it unfolds is one of the most enjoyable aspects.”

The Author now available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Waterstones.

The Author now available on Waterstones

Hi everyone,

My latest novel The Author is now available on –

Hopefully it will be available in store too soon! Keep an eye out 🙂

The Author - out now!
The Author – out now!