Potential NEW eBook Coming Soon!

Today I have spent a lot of my day writing.

As you may know I finished my first draft of Endurance: Apocalypse a couple of weeks ago. I am now at the stage in which I need to go through it and edit it. This stage is very difficult but it is the stage which makes your book what it is. It can be very tedious and long for authors but it is something we must do as the author.

I am slowly working through it to make it what I want it to be and sound to my readers. However, I have been bugged by all of my other book ideas, which are constantly filling my mind. I sometimes feel my mind is working to quick for me to compensate all these ideas, and so I felt it was time to set Endurance 2 aside for today and to concentrate on another book idea of mine. I am hoping that this would unclog my mind ever so slightly so that I can concentrate solely on these two books.

This book idea is dark, and of a supernatural genre; with an interesting twist.
I cannot give too much away but I can tell you that I plan for it to be original. I have not decided on a name yet but I have written a fair chunk of the book.

This book will be available on eBook only and not paperback because I want to release this as a short story. I’m hoping this will be a short story that you can still relate and bond with the characters as well as the novel capturing your imagination and will make you think about ghostly spirits differently.

I will keep you updated on this title but this is the very early stages of this project.

Start The Endurance Series Now!

Endurance: Apocalypse is coming soon!

Endurance: Apocalypse

It is time to begin the Endurance Series now starting with Endurance; which is available NOW on Amazon and Waterstones.

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Endurance available now

Endurance Amazon Reviews

“This was a crazy story full of nonstop action (like on every page) and unexpected moments that just left you thinking wow. There were several twists and turns and it moved fast, like an action movie.”

“Love the book, and will read more from this Author… The book was different, I was, and still, don’t know which story was real.”

“This book isn’t the genre I usually read. However, this book is highly readable, good characters, and lots of twists and turns throughout the book.
A most interesting premise, good characters, good description and I recommend it to readers of like genre.”

” It’s a fresh plot with a number of unseen twists written in a style that is easy to read. His characters are well conceived and he wastes few words with descriptions that just don’t move the story along.”

“Really enjoyed this book! Didn’t see the ending coming at all, which makes a nice change from most things I read. Very good story line with lots of twists and turns. Great characters.”

” I’m not usually a great fan of this genre of book, but I have now been converted. I look forward to the next instalment and I hope there are a few more twists and turns along the way.”

“This book is fantastic! I literally could not put it down until I had finished! The twists and turns kept me guessing which is great for this kind of book as so many these days are predictable! The state of tension created throughout the book was impressive, I don’t know if I have ever been on the edge of my seat whilst reading before! I am busy recommending this to everyone I know and am looking forward to future books!!”

Endurance to become a 3 book series

I have come to the decision that if my next novel Endurance: Apocalypse (Endurance 2) receives positive reviews and you all enjoy it, then I will expand the original plan of just two Endurance’s into a possible 3 or 4 book series.

I have begun planning Endurance 3 but I will only continue to extensively plan once I am happy with Endurance: Apocalypse and that it is released.

I should also mention that I plan to also write a new Supernatural Horror, which I hope to have available to you all before the end of 2014.

The Author is now out!

The Author is now available on Amazon for paperback and Kindle.

To read more about The Author please read my previous post An Insight into The Author

And here is The Author blurb…

Four years after his wife and children disappeared, Ryan Milligan decides it’s time to let go of the past and move to a new home on Mulberry Lane. Ryan hoped his new house and peaceful neighbourhood would help him to cope better with the pain of losing his family and to continue his search. Whilst settling in and writing his new novel, ‘Killing for your love’, he realises things are not what they seem…
“My new house is only a mile away from the home I used to live in with Tan and the kids, but now I feel like I’m in a different world. I can’t help but feel like I’ve been here before and done this before. There’s a presence here, I can feel it. There are things happening in this house that aren’t normal. I’m threatened by the lack of control I have over them. There’s one room where I feel it most, and as I stare at the door leading down into the basement, it begins to creak open.”

Here’s the link to its eBook page

Amazon UK- http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Author-T-J-Blake-ebook/dp/B00HYN2QAI/
Amazon US- http://www.amazon.com/The-Author-T-J-Blake-ebook/dp/B00HYN2QAI/

Paperback –
US – http://www.amazon.com/Author-T-J-Blake/dp/1492930202/
UK – http://www.amazon.co.uk/Author-T-J-Blake/dp/1492930202/


The Author release schedule update

Hi everyone.

This is just a short post and it is an update on my next book The Author.

I am hoping for The Author to be available on Amazon within the next 7 days at least, and as long as there are no more technological issues.

I really hope you can get yourself a copy on paperback or for your Kindle and I really hope you enjoy it.

I will keep you updated here but why not join The Author’s Facebook page – http://www.facebook.com/TheAuthor2013

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Join The Author Facebook page

So my second novel is coming along very nicely. I have nearly written the book after that it will then be edited and proof read.

But right now the front cover has been completed and now I will have to work on the book cover myself and when that’s done then I will put it out there for all of you to read.

To keep up to date with The Author’s progress, go and like its NEW Facebook page:
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The Author front cover

Endurance Update

Today is the day when the re-released version of Endurance will be live on Amazon as a paperback.

There are many differences to the interior as I believe it has been improved.
The illustration is the same, however the book is now smaller.
The price of the book has had to change unfortunately due to the change of the trim size. It will now be $7.60/ €5.75/ £4.25 for Paperback. eBook I have yet to confirm the price.

I will notify you all when it is available on Amazon, it should be today.

Read Endurance yet?

Hello people, haven’t heard from me recently have you? Maybe you’ve enjoyed the time alone and away from me and Endurance.

Anyway, I’m back for today, been a little busy lately had work all weekend, it was boring…. As usual.
So, I have begun writing my next book, which is a horror novel about an author called Ryan Milligan so hopefully I will have that written in no time!

But first, buy Endurance. I am 1000% writing a sequel for it so if you don’t read the first you won’t be able to read the second will you? and who knows, you might really like Endurance. So far I think that most people who have read Endurance have really liked it.

So go to Amazon.com or .co.uk get it on paperback or eBook through Amazon, or Barnes and Noble or Super Book Deals or The Book Depository for paperback and get your copy today.

Endurance available on The Book Depository

Just to let you know, Endurance is not only available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Super Book Deals. It’s also available on The Book Depository too.

Go check it out and maybe buy a copy?



Review Endurance… Please :D

Hi there. In need of reviews. I’m not looking for biased reviews, I am looking for a truthful and honest review from anyone who has read Endurance. It doesn’t matter if your not a ‘top Amazon reviewer’. I want reviews from ANYONE and EVERYONE who reads my book.

It means a lot to hear what people think of my book. My main purpose is to entertain you and if I do not achieve this then I need to know so that I can develop and improve with my next book. On the other hand, if I do achieve this, then I would like to know that I have pleased a customer and maybe a potential fan of mine.

So please, whoever you are. If you have my book or have read it or reading it or you’re going to buy it. Please, review my book on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Thank you.