Flash! Friday Fiction debut post

I decided to take part in Flash! Friday Fiction for the first time yesterday!

What Flash Friday does, is weekly upload a photo for users to write a 150 word creative piece.
I thought it would be fun so I gave it a go. Admittedly, my piece may not be that great, but what can you do with 150 words which is a first draft and written in a small time scale? Not too much, but I gave it a go, some people had some great ideas and produced good writing.

Below is my piece on the Flash Friday Fiction blog…

THE PATH by T. J. Blake (151 words)
“Gravel crunches under my feet. The gentle breeze smothers my surroundings; making the leaves above me chafe, the barbed wire fence scrape against the wood, and press my orange robe against my body.
I amble whilst staring at the wicker huts and small mountains ahead of me. Birds glide above me in the dark grey overcast. Slithers of glowing light occasionally bursts through the clouds lighting the dim skies. A deep roar sounds in the distance and echoes towards me, chattering the specs of dusted gravel by my feet.

My eyes glance back to the path, lapse of concentration will kill me.
A man in a black robe stands not far from me, his head hidden in the darkness of his hood.
I slip my arm into my orange robe and feel the handle of my sword.
As I approach him, he opens his robe revealing the glint of his blade.”

Feel free to let me know what you think of my piece.
I will definitely have a go at Flash! Friday fiction again when I can and maybe you should too?
It is on a wordpress blog, just google flash Friday fiction.

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