My Flash! Friday entry 29th November

So I have once again had a go at Flash! Friday. This is what I came up with from the picture I was given. You can check that at the flash Friday website and have a go yourself!


Pushing my way through the crack in the window, I escape the direct burning rays of the sun, and the gawping beaks of soaring birds.

Clambering across the dust and dead flies on the ledge, I rest myself against the window frame.
I look into the building I’ve entered, and see humans. They all sit on separate chairs facing the front, looking down to their desks.

I shoot my web onto the ceiling and then lower myself down onto the floor. As I walk across the floor, dodging the bails of rolling dust, I climb up onto the chair to find another spider, like me.

That’s my piece for this weeks flash Friday…

I don’t know why I decided to write this, I hate spiders!!

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