DECEPTION front cover complete

We’re nearing the release of my next thriller novel, DECEPTION – a love of lies. We’re so close now that I can smell the brand new 480 page paperback and eBook by me, T. J. Blake.

I’ve been working on DECEPTION for one year and seven months now – I’m currently going through another edit of the book, and have been working on the book cover of DECEPTION for the past week. After my photography session last week, I captured some good images for the cover. Now after a week of work with these images, I’ve finally created a cover for DECEPTION. 

Being the suspenseful author I am, I will only be showing you a tiny section of the cover today. Keep an eye out for the official reveal of DECEPTION’s front cover though – it could be at any time! 

The story of DECEPTION so far:

DECEPTION – a love of lies synopsis


Photography and book design for DECEPTION

Six hours of writing (DECEPTION)

The Author book cover complete

The Author is close to completion and will soon be available on Amazon and other sites and bookstores.

Here is the book cover for The Author. I hope you like the cover and the book when you read it 🙂

The Author book cover
The Author book cover


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So my second novel is coming along very nicely. I have nearly written the book after that it will then be edited and proof read.

But right now the front cover has been completed and now I will have to work on the book cover myself and when that’s done then I will put it out there for all of you to read.

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The Author front cover