A successful morning writing session… in my pjs!

My New Year’s Eve morning was spent working on my latest novel.

You can’t beat a morning writing session, especially when you’re slumming it in your pyjamas with a Groot mug.

Now that I’m 3900 words in across three chapters, it’s time to hand over the story to my harshest critic, the other half.

T. J. Blake's morning writing session in his pjs

The Verdict

Luckily, she liked what she read. A couple of good points for me to consider too, but on the whole, she really enjoyed it.

You may think she’s biased. Trust me, she isn’t, she’ll tell me if something is complete rubbish or not!

Are you a fellow writer who writes in their pjs?

Feel free to send a snap and let me know where you are at with your latest novel!

DECEPTION – A love of lies

#amwriting #DECEPTION ‘A love of lies’ as a #tagline what do you think? #thriller #drama #ComingSoon 
What do you think? Feel free to comment. 

DECEPTION Ch.21 – Billy has finally read the entries

I’ve been working on DECEPTION again this weekend, and now more has been shown to Billy. 

He was in unfamiliar territory when asked to read some entries that he promised he would never read. But because he needed answers, he’s had to go against that. After reading the entries, there are some answers for Billy, but some things are still unclear. 

Billy returns home and something is not quite right. Something is missing. Something he loves has gone. 

Our Christmas decorations are up! 

No doubt everyone knows that Christmas is just around the corner now. Shops, homes and streets across the globe have been decorated in lights, tinsel, glitter, fake snow, stars, reindeers and Christmas trees. 

My home is no different. The living room currently looks like Santa’s grotto – dominated by blue, red and the classic warm gold lighting of the fairy lights; wrapped around the tree. Not forgetting the gleaming tinsel as well!

With the current chilly and wintry weather here in the UK, it’s really helping me to imagine myself as Billy when writing Deception. It’s currently snowing in the book and of course, the weather won’t stop Billy from taking his daily stroll in his woodlands!

Writing and editing Deception – Chapter 16

I’ve been working on Deception today. 

Chapter 16: Billy’s in his woodlands following someone. It’s a battle for pride. Will he go too far? #amwriting #amediting #Deception #Novel #comingsoon

More writing today

I’ve done some more writing today for my next thriller novel Deception. 

Today Billy has been told that his beloved woodlands are no longer his. He’s infuriated and now his mind is filled with anger…

Currently Writing – My next book is called…

I have been writing my thriller novel and it is getting extremely close to the juicy and big twist now. 

Billy is an intriguing character and the reader will have many questions about him, but Billy currently has many questions for his love interest Eve. 

Billy though is continuing to have weird thoughts, but no wonder with his current situation! 

I can finally reveal that I have decided to call this new thriller Deception! 

Let me know your thoughts on the book title. 

Entering a different mind and body 

Today I have been writing. This writing though means that I have to enter into a different kind of mind state to become this character. This mind is unlike myself and any other character of mine. 

It does however make me wonder, is there any person out there who thinks the same as my character, Billy in this story? To be honest I hope not. Although his mind and thought processes are intelligent, imaginative and creative, he is dangerous.

Billy’s an interesting character, and I look forward to see where he takes me!