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Hi everyone.

If you’re a bit bored on this dull day (weather wise in the UK) then why not check out these two great blogs.

BOOK SHELF features me, The Author and Endurance. Click here to have a look at BOOK SHELF and my feature.


THE REVIEW GROUP also features me and The Author. Click here to visit this great blog also.
Both blogs advertise The Author‘s Amazon UK Kindle deal which is currently on. The Author will be 99p for Kindle and eBook right up until Friday the 13th of April only on


The Author - 99p now!
The Author – 99p now!

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Please make the most of this deal whilst it is only 99p 🙂

My Author interview with BOOKSHELF NEWS

Author Interview on Bookshelf News
Author Interview on Bookshelf News

Here is my author interview with BOOKSHELF NEWS go and check out the page and of course my interview if you have some spare time.
Don’t forget to check out The Author as well, available now on Amazon for paperback and Kindle.

Endurance Reviewed

2014 is here and Endurance has received a great review!

Great start to the new year for Endurance, lets hope it continues to get great feedback. Check out the review and why not read yourself? – on eBook

Here’s the review-

Endurance reviewed
Endurance reviewed

Interesting to see Endurance around the web

It’s interesting what you can find on the internet isn’t it?
Well, I thought I would casually stalk myself and Endurance on the WWW and it has got around!

It is so bizarre that so many links and book places had it on their site and on torrent sites… But one that stood out to me most was it being on eBay! It was listed on there for many different prices, one being a whopping $11.38 (pricey if I may say so myself!)

If you haven’t already, check out Endurance on Amazon here – also available on other Amazon sites. You can read the first few chapters on Amazon also!!

Endurance available on ebay!
Endurance available on ebay!

Endurance will be free tomorrow!

Endurance will be free on Amazon for eBook and Kindle TOMORROW right up until Friday the 22nd of November.

Why is it free I hear you ask?
No reason, it just is. I did a freebee for Halloween but it didn’t last long enough so now I’m making my book ‘Endurance’ free tomorrow so you can get your hands on a copy for your Kindle.

So go get Endurance free tomorrow and let your friends know about this free deal.

If you’re wondering, Endurance is a horror, mystery and dystopian novel.
These are the things being said about Endurance…

“this book is highly readable, good characters, and lots of twists and turns throughout the book.”

“Exciting and entertaining read.”
“I loved the suspense and the story line. It’s worth reading, and has a very interesting theme.”
“It’s a fresh plot with a number of unseen twists written in a style that is easy to read. His characters are well conceived and he wastes few words with descriptions that just don’t move the story along. Well done.”


Endurance by T. J. Blake Out Now
Endurance by T. J. Blake Free on Amazon November 20th – 22nd

Should Self-Published authors be frowned upon? Article by me on Blirt

I wrote an article on Blirt and here is the link below.

It is an article by me expressing my views on self-publishing and giving some advice to fellow self-publishers.

Go have a read and express your opinion.

More Ratings and reviews for Endurance ( Rating and Reviews for Endurance

4 Star – I have enjoyed Endurance and look forward to reading his other books, it is nice to be submerged in a story .

3 star – This book isn’t the genre I usually read. However, this book is highly readable, good characters, and lots of twists and turns throughout the book.
A most interesting premise, good characters, good description and I recommend it to readers of like genre.

and another 3 star rating.

Thank you for the honest reviews. If you haven’t read Endurance yet, please go and read it, get your hands on a copy from Amazon on paperback or for Kindle. People do seem to be enjoying Endurance 🙂

Endurance downloads so far

Today is the last day that Endurance is free on Amazon for Kindle. I’ve gone to look at the reports of downloads and there has been many!

I’m so happy that so many people have taken time to download Endurance and I really hope you all enjoy it. It would be great to let me know what you think of the book. I’m open to criticism and I will most certainly accept praise, if there is any 😉

There have been downloads from across the world and it is incredible! so thank you everyone who downloaded from,,,,, and

Endurance front cover

Endurance on the Amazon best seller chart

Endurance is on the best seller chart at #4.

Endurance will remain free for today and tomorrow so go and get a copy now on or


Endurance is free NOW!

Endurance is at this moment free on Amazon for Kindle purchase. It is free all day today and free right up until Tuesday.

So go and download it now whilst it is free.

I hope you all enjoy it. I do ask, if you have time, please rate it and review it on Amazon and Goodreads. It would mean a lot.