I was interviewed on Penable’s YouTube Channel

Author feature on Penable

I was invited to feature on Penable’s YouTube channel to answer questions submitted from Penable’s followers.

The questions I answer include:

  • What do you do when you’re overwhelmed with ideas?
  • What advice would you give to aspiring authors?
  • How long does it take to write a novel?
  • And more!

Check out my author interview below!

Chat and Spin Radio Interview đź“» – talking about Familiar!

UPDATED: 23rd August 2020

Familiar is out now!

To find out what Familiar is about, check out my interview on Chat and Spin Radio where I discussed Familiar as well as the DECEPTION audiobook.

Listen below 🎧

You can read Familiar on Amazon Kindle now. It’s free to read on Kindle Unlimited!

Author Interview 

I was interviewed by author, Heidi Angell, and I’m extremely happy with how it went. 

We spoke about everything from my new book (Deception), writing overall, my dislike for fruit, and my future project; the conclusion to ‘The Endurance Series’ – you can read our interview by continuing to Heidi’s personal blog page. 

Author Interview with T. J. Blake

#WriterWednesday on Merryn Magazine with T. J. Blake

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Merryn Magazine for this #WriterWednesday author feature and interview. If you’ve got some spare time this evening, then please take a moment to read this post to find out more about me and Deception.

If you love psychological thrillers, then my new novel, Deception: A Love of Lies, is the book for you!

Get Deception on Kindle/eBook now.


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Q&A about my new release, Deception: A Love of Lies

What is your latest book called and what is it about?
My latest book is called Deception – a love of lies, which is about a lonely man, his dog, his love for his woodlands, and a lady that has caught his eye during his daily dog walks.

Billy and his dog, Ella, live in a bungalow on Lavingsham Close; a private estate in Surrey. Billy is someone who has lived in the Surrey area for all of his life; which means he has an undeniable love for the place, especially for the woodlands just behind his bungalow – where he walks Ella everyday. During his recent walks though, he has noticed an attractive woman walking her dog too in the woods. He likes the look of her, and really wants to get to know her.


Two blog features and The Author 99p on amazon.co.uk now!

Hi everyone.

If you’re a bit bored on this dull day (weather wise in the UK) then why not check out these two great blogs.

BOOK SHELF features me, The Author and Endurance. Click here to have a look at BOOK SHELF and my feature.


THE REVIEW GROUP also features me and The Author. Click here to visit this great blog also.
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The Author – 99p now!

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Author Interview with Samantha LaFantasie

HERE is my author interview with Samantha LaFantasie on her blog. Check it out for details of my life, my latest book The Author and my future works.


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My Author interview with BOOKSHELF NEWS

Author Interview on Bookshelf News
Author Interview on Bookshelf News

Here is my author interview with BOOKSHELF NEWS go and check out the page and of course my interview if you have some spare time.

Don’t forget to check out The Author as well, available now on Amazon for paperback and Kindle.


My interview with Roberta Capizzi

Here is my interview with Roberta Capizzi, please go and check it out and Roberta’s blog and her books –



Author Interview with Indie Author Land

Here’s my author interview with Indie Author Land.

It’s about my first release ‘Endurance’ and a little about myself. Why not have a read of it here –

And check out the Indie Author Land site whether you’re a writer or reader.

My interview with Indie Author Land
My interview with Indie Author Land