The blog has been given a makeover!

It’s all happening here on T. J. Blake Author. As we await the release of the second instalment of The Endurance Series, ENDURANCE: APOCALYPSE (which I promise is coming really soon!) I have also began writing the finale of The Endurance Series ENDURANCE 3!

But until then, take a moment to look at my blog’s new layout; it has changed substantially.
I hope you like it. Feel free to express your opinion.

Because it’s nearly christmas, here’s another teaser from ENDURANCE: APOCALYPSE (2).

“A sharp, rigid-shaped black machine floats above the M25. Another two appear either side of it. As they hover in the sky, more appear in the distance along the M25. They move into a formation. One stays above the motorway, another glides to the right and the other to the left. They are motionless on the light breeze.

The people in their cars begin to look up to the skies, craning their necks and tilting their heads back to look.”

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